Barbie Arms and The Antichrist in ‘After the Rapture’



You walk into Walmart and discover your passport photo tacked to a wall of missing persons, and no one seems to care. You wake up after a car accident, only to discover your insurance plan only covered a short period of time for your surgery so you now have a full-sized Barbie doll arm. Welcome to the world of Nancy Stohlman’s novella After the Rapture.

Written like a series of flash fiction pieces combined into a novel, this book is best described as unhinged.  I was able to read this novella during my lunch break and stepped away from it wanting more. Written just before the disaster that was 2020, the book felt like it was awaiting the world that emerged from COVID-19.  While this is fiction and often designed to be absurd, sometimes its just a touch over the line from what could be, and for that, the book can take on a very sinister feel.

After the Rapture is available now from Mason Jar Press.



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