What is it about FangirlNation?

We are the girls who sit across from you at the gaming table, throwing the dice and building our own worlds.

We are the girls at the comic book store, flipping through to find the latest issue of our favorite releases and knowing the specific details of origin stories and crossovers.

We are the girls who can say every line right along side our favorite movie or TV show and aren’t afraid to debate what makes a good story.

We are the bookish ones who always have at least two or three books on hand at all times, whether in print or digital.

We are those who dress up at Conventions and band together to create a safe place to truly express our craft skills and unique costumes.

We embrace all levels or fandom, nerdery, geekdom and culture, knowing that in the end we are all passionate about something. We banish the concept of “fake geek girl” knowing every woman deserves the chance to love what she loves without being questioned for her dedication.

We are Women. We are fangirls. We are united in what we love.

We are the FangirlNation and we want you to join us!

About FangirlNation
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About FangirlNation
FangirlNation is an online magazine covering entertainment news, reviews, interviews, games & cosplay for geeks, nerds, and enthusiasts everywhere.
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