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1459826_10102182373762341_1062449554_nVictoria Irwin – Editor in Chief – [email protected]

Victoria Irwin grew up with at least two books in her bag at all times. Discovering comic books, Science Fiction, and Fantasy at an early age, it was only a matter of time before she became a Fangirl. With a deep love for Doctor Who and classic detective stories, Victoria turned her attentions to writing and sharing her love of a good story with the world. The University of California, Irvine Alumnae seeks to spread the word about amazing comic books, good novels and television shows that deserve a long look.

Jessica Greenlee – Staff Writer, Webmaster – [email protected]

Jessica Greenlee grew up in a house full of books. She is still surrounded by books and is hopelessly and irrevocably in love with stories and storytelling. She is helped and hindered in writing her reviews by a small parrot who has tasted his share of literature. She can be found on Twitter as @Bkwyrme.

Samantha Kitts – Managing Editor[email protected]
Samantha is an Arizona native who loves to write, draw and cosplay! You’ll often find her scribbling character ideas in notebooks, reading the latest comics by IDW/BlackHorse/Image/Kaboom!, planning her latest cosplay and researching conventions throughout the U.S.A. Sam LOVES social media and LOVES to share her adventurous experiences with the world! She can be found on: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr as ThermoCosplay. If you see her at an event be sure to say “Hi!” and she’ll take your photo OR show you around the event (seriously, she likes to adopt people at conventions).

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Toni Adams

How did I know I was classified as a geek by society? Was it not common for a young child to hide in a hastily constructed closet and hope that one day she will fall though to Narnia? Are you telling me that focusing on punching my brothers motorcycle avatar on Road Rash instead of cleaning the large, stinky pile of cat poo in the litter box next to us was a little too hardcore?Why are you confused when I differentiate my first concert in Bangkok (Christmas special at a mall) and my first concert in America (Offspring at Universal Citywalk)? How many hours did you waste re-reading your collection of Babysitters Club or Goosebumps instead of packing them to move?

Are you still waiting for Falkor too? Since my initial establishment at identity was through means of fictional worlds, then I suppose I am. This may be a smidgen of who I am but already you can get a glimpse of how multifaceted it is. Not only do I yearn with wide eyes at my fandoms, I indulge in multicultural pop culture, involve myself in many social circles (usually involving books or cosplay), and generally gain EXP for the next level of Me. Instead of listing all the fandoms I revel in, I will list what I look for: happiness, uniqueness, and wonder.No matter which medium it’s in, if I enjoy it, I will enjoy it with the entire portion of all my neurons. I will hold it close to me no matter what. And you will know when I’m happy. I will squee. Very much.

Besides, I don’t make it much of a mystery what I’m into.

Vicki Mejia-Gewe: Queen of Cozy Mysteries

From a young age, Vicki grew very adept at not tripping over the other kids in the hallway despite having her nose in a book. At least, she did until a well-meaning but unfair teacher told her he would give her a detention if he caught her reading during recess ever again. Vicki discovered writing when her best friend moved away at the age of 9, and they began writing letters back and forth every week that continued through the end of high school. (This was long before the invention of email, but her father considered the many stamps she went through as an investment in her academic future.) They always challenged each other to try to make the events in their letters more and more realistic.

So when Vicki went to college (Vanguard University), it seemed only natural to major in English. Going on to grad school at Claremont Graduate University, her periodic migraines became one non-stop migraine, preventing her from earning that long-dreamed-of Ph.D. and even from being able to hold any kind of gainful employment. Audiobooks have become her most effective medicine, giving her something to distract from the pain. When reading visually became too difficult for her to handle, Jessica turned her onto cozy mystery as something to keep her mind active and engaged without creating the tension that is not good for her head and rest of the body.

When she’s not listening to or writing about mysteries and interviewing their authors and narrators, Vicki creates her own jewelry that she sells on Etsy and volunteers at her small church as the worship leader and children’s teacher.

0802151230Sheri Williams– Who is Sheri Williams? I am a mom, an author, a nerd. Or at least that is what my Pinterest will tell you. But I am more, So much more. I’m a reader, with my first love being romance books and then fantasy being a close second. I’m a champion couch potato with medals in binge watching tv shows and Disney movies. I’m a comic lover, though I tend to gravitate toward more out of the box comics than mainstream ones. I’m a coffee mug hoarder. A lover of octopuses, tattoos, unicorns, and Trolls (the ones from the eighties with the bright hair). I cannot keep my desk clean, it may have something to do with the sheer amount of lego figures on it. Hmmmm… what else do you need to know about me? I curse like a sailor, but I won’t here cause I totally understand the pg-13 rating. Anything else, well, you can find me on social media and ask me. I love to chat. The website is http://www.thesheriwilliams.com/ and the twitter is https://twitter.com/AuthorSheri

Amanda Conley- Passionate Panelist 

Amanda is a panelist, cosplayer and generalized fangirl by night and social media manager and still a generalized fangirl by day. Get ready for musings and conversations about anime, comic books and cake. She can be found in and out of costumes at conventions across Texas  She can be found in various places: Twitter: @RawrAmandaRawr

Tumblr: OhNaiStars
Youtube: AichiYume
Twitter: @AichiYume

Kincart Photography
Kincart Photography is a husband and wife team that focuses on capturing the pop-culture moments at comic, anime and video game conventions. They joined Fangirl Nation in 2018 during Taiyou Con and continue to impress us with their wit, skill and style! https://www.facebook.com/kincartphotography/



Jillian Diblasio

When not writing, Jillian prefers the simple things in life such as snuggling with her cats or hiding from LA traffic. With a B.A. in Digital Filmmaking, Jillian has worked for a number of production companies ranging from The Walt Disney Company to NBC Universal. Jillian hopes to still receive her acceptance letter from Hogwarts.




Breanna Bang

Breanna Bang lives in Mesa, Arizona with her one-eye Chow Chow mix named Baby Bear. She is extremely passionate about diversity, inclusion and representation in the media. She has a day job working as the Public Affairs Assistant for a small state agency. However, she is in the process of completing her first sci-fi novel. Breanna earned a B.A. in Asian Studies from the University of Denver (2013) and both a Master of Social Work and Master of Public Administration from Arizona State University (2017).

Twitter and Instagram: @JadeGrass


K. L. Zolnoskican trace her love of Godzilla all the way back to her grandmother. Raised on a steady diet of Gamera, Ultraman and an endless assortment of B-grade sci-fi movies she stays true to her roots through books, comics and movies. When not working or taking care of family, K. L. is an avid gardener, reader and writer and still manages to find time for RPGs and going to comic cons. You can follow her adventures on her blog at www.m31publishing.com or on twitter @Kzolnoski



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Kam Martinez ­ Enthusiastic Reader, Lowkey Fangirl, and Freelance Life­Ruiner

Kam is a voracious reader, and has been so for most of her life. Her TBR list has mutated into an eldritch Gothic mansion that is constantly expanding in the strangest of ways, and she has absolutely no intention of getting it under control (she likes it that way, thank you very much). She has been dubbed a “life­ruiner” by her IRL friends because she has a penchant for recommending books that subsequently destroy all their feels. She claims she does this out of love, but her friends suspect she does it because she loves watching them suffer. (They aren’t entirely wrong.) Her longer ramblings on the things she reads and a few other things besides can be found on her blog Occasionally Random Book Reviews (http://kammartinez.wordpress.com). She can also be found on Instagram as @kamreadsandrecs, where she posts micro­reviews and quote edits of anything she happens to be currently reading. And finally, if you want to witness her screaming and flailing in (more or less) real­time, you can follow her on Twitter @kamliveblog (rated R­16 for bilingual swearing and keysmashing).