Madame Frankenstein #2 Gets Beneath the Skin


MadameFrankenstein02_CoverMadame Frankenstein is not the tale of a creature; it is the tale of what happens when a man takes control of a woman’s body when she is powerless to stop him. After a horrific accident, Courtney Bow finds life again in the hands of twisted surgeon named Vincent Krall. He has brought her back to life, having only had to replace one arm that was too badly damaged in the accident. Courtney has been given a new name: Gail. Gail must learn from the beginning how to eat, walk and behave. Vincent takes great care with her, but teaches her the values of a patriarchal society. Gail is his proof to the world that he is a genius, not a deviant scientist. Vincent will go to frightening length to save his creation.

Thought the Mary Shelly myth has been done countless times, the 1920’s setting and use of a woman in the place of a man to be brought back to life is both creative and unsettling. Jamie S. Rich tells an uncomfortable story of a man shamed and threatened by vibrant female sexuality. Megan Leven’s art work is crisp and clear, capturing a feeling of life in the 1920’s while still keeping the macabre air to perfection.

Madame Frankenstein continues to leave the reader with an unsettled stomach, not just over the concept of necrotic tissue reanimated, but for the underlying messages as well. Even in a fractured and resewn body, Gail is a model of slightly marred perfection in the hands of a mad man.

Madame Frankenstein #2 is available now from Image Press.



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