Eerie America Provides Readers with a Morbid Tour of America


408500_10201307123899298_226546805_nEerie America is the new travel guide for the creepier traveler. Written by Eric R Vernor and Kevin Eads, the book covers haunted and eclectic locations across the United States. From a deeply haunted house in Villisca, Iowa to California’s Winchester Mansion, the book is filled with creepy locales, places to stay, and even haunted restaurants to visit after a long day of ghost hunting. Prisons, lunatic asylums, tuberculosis hospitals and haunted mansions are right alongside Bobby Mackey’s music world. Avid fans of Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures will recognize some of these locations instantly, as many are famous for their reputations of displaying the unexplained.

The downside to knowing more about New Orleans’ cemeteries than the average human is that I caught a mistake immediately when the writers discussed Lafayette Cemetery. The authors insist Marie Laveau is buried here, but in point of fact she is buried at St. Louis 1 of New Orleans instead. It pains me to say that the rather large error left me wondering how much more of the book I should check before actually making travel plans to some of the other mentioned locations.

The book reads like a conversation with a friends and feels more like personal advice from a kooky friend than a travel guide. The descriptions of most locations are short and include the websites or contact information for  the locations described making it easy for readers to quickly read through and determine if the creepy attraction  is something they’d like visit. Eerie America is a quick enjoyable read for the bizarre and just plain morbid.
Eerie America is available now from Schiffer Publishing LTD.


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