Dragons Aren’t Just For Kids: How to Train Your Dragon 2


MV5BMzMwMTAwODczN15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMDk2NDA4MTE@._V1_SY1200_CR90,0,630,1200_AL_Where do I even begin? This movie is one of the best coming of age features I have seen in a long time. This was not just a children’s movie. This was a story well told and well executed. No surprise, there were mind blowing flying sequences. There were also so many tense moments that I was wringing my hands. The fierceness of loyalty made you want to beat at your chest in agreement. My favorite was the moments of blooming love and love that never dies. Grief, shock, and surprise intermingled seamlessly within the moments of wonder and happiness. My heartstrings were tugged in so many directions that it’s still in a tangle. I can analyze and nitpick at a few details but I ultimately came away satisfied at seeing a great story unfold before me.

For those who shrugged off the How to Train Your Dragon series as a mindless children’s movie, get off your mighty adult high horse and watch it. Watch it alone if your alpha pride is strong. It is a great story of discovery and taking that first step. Plus, you get to know Toothless, who I can see every single one of my cats behavior reflected in that dragon.

If that was the first step in discovery, then the second movie is when you take that first step out of your comfort zone. Every single one of us can relate to someone if not all in this movie. Every single one of us.

Our main hero is Hiccup who had befriended and trained Toothless in the previous movie. It’s been five years and the village has changed into a peaceful, dragon loving village. Astrid is now his girlfriend, his friends are still the same. One day, Hiccup freaks when his father tries to talk to him about becoming the next Chief of the village. With the heavy weight of unworthiness, Hiccup just runs off on the pretense of working on mapping the area.

Where a good portion of his time is spent flying around with Toothless to an amazing song that I immediately searched for when I arrived back home. The song is Where No One Goes by Jonsi. Second to Neverending Story, it has already become my favorite flying through the clouds song. It’s upbeat, beautiful, and nordic.

During his mapping travels, Hiccup discovers menacing dragon trappers. These trappers are not just trapping for the hell of it. They work for Drago, the main villain of the movie. Who could be the viking cousin of Genghis Khan version in Mulan. There is a similarity. Except Drago is mad man and controls dragons by abuse so I absolutely detest him.

Speaking of animals, this movie really resonated with the crazy cat lady within me. The not-so surprise (since you can see it in the trailer) is the introduction of his mother, Valka. Who turns out to be a Jane Goodall of dragons character type. She understands them, knows their special spots, and would rather curl up with them. Except for the awkward missing for twenty years part, I adore her. We could be friends. Plus, her dragon reminds me of my old cranky cat.

There were more dragon to dragon behavior interactions to enjoy this movie. You can see aspects from cats and dogs in all the various dragons. Just do not focus that some of the wing spans were not meant to carry that much weight or how much would it take to feed the alpha.  Analyze that with friends later, for now enjoy the dragons.

I can predict the itch to create outfits from other cosplayers who will watch the movie. The character designs are beautiful, full of interesting details, and looks generally fun to wear. I am already planning on somehow creating a cosplay of Valka, awkward fur cape and all (how does that keep her warm?).

There were very few distracting features of the movie. Occasionally, Hiccups head bobble movement seemed disjointed from the movie. Almost as if it was a final fantasy movie scene. Small detail but it made me tap an invisible “X” button on a controller. Also, did everyone know where the village of Berk was? Drago made a beeline for it. If that was the case, then would not everyone have known about the dragons? New of a village coexisting with dragons whereas others were trying to massacre them would spread pretty quickly.

In addition there is an observation that I would like to make. I hate watching movies in 3-D. I feel that it is not warranted for the most part and it hurts my head. During this movie, I completely forgot I was wearing the 3-D glasses. I am not sure if this was due to the movie being so engrossing or 3-D effects have greatly improved. The flying scenes are definitely worth to see in 3-D. If you decide to watch in 2-D, I do not think your missing out at anything. It’ll just come down to personal preference.

This was a wonderful sequel to follow up to the first one. A definite next chapter to the whole trilogy.

For two hours, I was transformed back into my young teenage self as I watched How to Train Your Dragon 2 in 3-D. I am still trying to come to terms that I am an adult, not a young girl, who wishes to whoop around the skies. I’ll have to settle that by whooping on the freeway in my rickety car.


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