Thomas Alsop: Supernatural meets Nikki Sixx


downloadLife can be hard when you’re the one man to stand up to the supernatural on Manhattan. Thomas Alsop is a rockstar and The Hand of Manhattan. Due to a family curse, Thomas is tasked to use his abilities to stop the nasty spiritual entities plaguing his city. However, he doesn’t get to choose when She (the spiritual embodiment of the island) calls on him. Waking up after a night of hard drinking and drugs, Thomas does his press junket work and then has visions of his ancestor and a supernaturally plagued slave ship. Thomas must uncover what the vision means and just what this ship may mean for Manhattan.

Chris Miskiewicz has joined the tradition of many supernatural comics before him by introducing the world to the hard-drinking Thomas. Part John Constantine and part Nikki Sixx, Thomas Alsop is the type of likeable that only celebrities manage to be; you dislike their behaviors but can’t help but smile. Palle Schmidt’s artwork is a dreamy watercolor look that sets the scene for supernatural scenarios and the blur of good and evil. Schmidt does draw a nude Thomas well as Alsop is a character that seems to enjoy being nude more often than not.

Thomas Alsop is a riddle and now in the middle of a mystery I can give the series the highest compliment of adding this title to my monthly pull list.

Thomas Alsop #1: The Hand of the Island is available today from BOOM!



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