Thomas Alsop #4


boom_thomas_alsop_004Emma, Thomas’ former band mate hops and plane and leaves her native England to come help out in the aftermath of the discovery of trapped souls at Ground Zero in New York. It appears that their former drummer turned FDNY Fireman Martin Delgado accidentally bound the souls in an endless loop when he rushed in to try and save countless people in the disaster. Unfortunately for him and the other souls, they are now trapped due to the spell. Thomas relives the story of Delgado, his band days and the death of his father, all while working with Emma to find a way to rescue those trapped.

Chris Miskiewicz does not let the reader get off easy in this issue. While there is always sex, drugs and rock and roll, there is also the horrifying idea that folks who died in the 9/11 incident in New York may still be trapped there. Palle Schmidt keeps this ghoulish theme with his watercolor style, beautifully weaving in and out of backstory and current plot. Halfway through this 8 part story, I can’t help but be intrigued and want desperately for all the issues of this comic to be in my hot little hands. The book is part rock and roll story, part otherworldly supernatural tale.

Thomas Alsop #4 continues the story of a man done with tricks and ready to step up to his role at Hand of the Island. The art work continues to draw me in as much as the story.

Thomas Alsop #4 is available from Boom! today.


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