BBC To Release Jonathan Strange & Mr Norell on DVD and Bluray in August


Like a daily tease, BBC has announced that the highly-anticipated adaptation of  Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell will be released on DVD and Bluray August 11, 2015.

Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrel TV promo

©BBC, Todd Antony


Here’s the official synopsis:

Based off the bestselling, award-winning novel by Susanna Clarke, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell takes viewers on a journey through alternate history during 19th century England. Magic, a lost art which has lain dormant for centuries, is showing signs of returning. At the center of this renaissance are two men who are destined to become the greatest magicians that England—and possibly the world—have ever seen. However, Gilbert Norrell Bertie Carvel (Restless, Hidden, Matilda) and Jonathan Strange Eddie Marsan (Best of Men, Ray Donovan, Filth) not only have to deal with all the trappings of Georgian society, the Napoleonic wars, and the whims of the supernatural, but with their own egos and most of all, an uncomfortable realization that there may not be enough room in the world for one magician, never mind two. Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell will air on BBC AMERICA later this year.


Official cover art has not yet been released.


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