The Hadron Gospel Hour is Your Next Favorite Podcast


Thrilling Adventure Hour is no longer recording new episodes and sometimes you’re completely caught up on Welcome to Nightvale. What do you listen to then? WHERE IS YOUR PODCAST GOD NOW?


Enter The Hadron Gospel Hour to save the day. Tormented scientist Dr. Francis  “Oppenheimer” Valdini (played by Richard Wentworth, one of the creators) is suffering the challenges of being trapped in an alternate dimension after a failed attempt to weaponize the “Hadron Effect.” He kidnaps an IT guy (and part time indie-film maker) named Mike Wilkinson (played by other show creator Mike McQuilkin), in order to help with his nefarious plans and provide some company. After all, his computer based life form A.S.H. LE (Lisa McQuilkin) is really just the sentient manifestation of his lab and no replacement for human companionship. Mike and Oppenheimer must also work together to try and piece back the pieces of Oppenheimer’s time/space challenged wife. Pieces of Esmeralda were blown into different dimensions during Oppenheimer’s failed experiment.  With characters like a man only half embedded in a wall and random side conversations that seem to come from no where, the show is fun to listen to and just the right amount of twisted.

The Hadron Gospel Hour is Mystery Science Theater 3000 crazy, mixed with pop culture references from pretty much any Sci-Fi property you can think of. Like Welcome to Nightvale, they also include various voice actor guests and musical acts. This is on top of their wide variety of pop culture references. One of my favorite jokes involves whether a change is Darren from Bewitched bad or New Coke bad. If you’ve got a zillion and one pop culture references in your head, chances are you will find yourself laughing out loud while listening along.

You can download the podcast episodes on itunes, Android, Youtube, or even download them directly from .

The Hadron Gospel Hour is definitely worth a listen.


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