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We live in a wonderful world where technology has become so available to both artists and audiences that daily we are met with fresh projects to create, as well as enjoy.  A great example of that is Bear Claw Films, who has been moving up the ranks in the horror community.  Their two most popular shorts, “Ax,” and “The Wrong Profile,” are simple, beautiful and chilling.  So well done that they are currently working on their first feature, “Rock, Paper, Dead,” written by Victor Miller of the first “Friday the 13th.”  After that is the working on “Malo Facto,” sure to be another enjoyable fright.


FGN got to take a moment of Bear Claw Films’ time with Michael Coulombe, owner and filmmaker at Bear Claw Films, to talk about all his projects and how they came about.

FGN: Are Ax and The Wrong Profile meant to be connected?

Michael Coulombe: Ironically, no. And if you watch the movies back to back that is an easy assumption to make. The producer of The Wrong Profile had seen Ax and liked the style and hired me to direct his film. When we were in post we realized that having a visual of the actor’s wife would be more powerful. Since we were on a deadline and had not shot anything, we just used footage from my film – since I own the rights. Also, I used the same actor – Todd James Jackson – in both movies because he is a very talented actor; however, after we watched the final cut of The Wrong Profile we realized that both movies COULD be connected. So, who knows….

FGN: Do you plan on continuing the series or turning them into a feature?

Michael Coulombe:I have been asked by several people to adapt my short film Ax into a feature. I never had the intention of doing that but over the last year or so I have toyed with the idea. As for The Wrong Profile, I believe Kenny Kurtkan, the writer/producer does have a feature film script in mind. I directed the film in a way that could leave room for a feature. I did that intentionally because I love the story and would love to see it continue.

FGN: Do either of these films tie in with your upcoming project, “Rock Paper Dead?”

Michael Coulombe: Rock Paper Dead is its own story. It is actually a phenomenal thriller written by Kerry Fleming and Victor Miller (writer of the original Friday the 13th.) Both men are incredibly smart and that is reflected in their writing. I won’t lie, I love the script. To be able to direct this film is an honor.

FGN: Where did you get the inspirations for these films?

Michael Coulombe: I suppose I am inspired by every day life. I am blessed to work in the entertainment industry and am surrounded by creative people constantly. That has helped tremendously. When I create a project I always do research; read or watch movies in that genre/style and try to create that world in my head…in as much as an actor gets into the head of their character that they portray, I do the same with the world of that film. So it’s never one particular thing that inspires me.


For more information, please visit and watch “Ax” here:


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