“Where the Options Were Either Astrophysicist or Human Trafficking”- Ben Rosenfeld’s ‘The Russian Optimist’


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Ben Rosenfeld has a unique sense of humor. He first came across our radar with his book Russian Optimism; a  collection of very dark folktales based on his Jewish/Russian heritage.  If you’re sense of humor includes children being blinded to prevent them from finding jam or the realization that your father is likely a hitman because of your heritage, Rosenfeld and you will get along with his comedy recording, The Russian Optimist, just fine.  

This is not comedy for the squeamish, or those who are easily offended. Rosenfeld talks about some pretty racy stuff, so you definitely don’t want to listen to this with your boss around or your kids. One of the best parts is when Rosenfeld talks about his girlfriend prying open his eyes while he slept. She was attempting to see if he was sleeping, but he worried that someone was preparing to harvest his organs. He also enjoys talking about a Russian childhood that was anything but easy.  He also waxes poetic about whether or not monogamy is natural and his need for glasses. Think the humor of H. Jon Benjamin, if he was living in a frozen city where one consistently expects terrible things to happen.

The Russian Optimist is now available from Ben’s official blog. Consider yourself warned.


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