‘So, Anyway’ Gives Readers a Look at the Creation of John Cleese’s Brand of Comedy


9780385348263For fans of Monty Python, Fawlty Towers, and films like A Fish Called Wanda, the name John Cleese is no stranger. This Cambridge University Alum helped create a brand of British comedy that is still shaping modern humor. In his autobiography, So, Anyway…, readers get a look past all the humor and into the life that shaped the man himself. From a quiet (and somewhat over protective) childhood, to a boys’ school, to University and the individuals that would help shape his humor, the book covers a large span of Cleese’s life and all with his rather pointed input about himself embedded throughout.

So, Anyway is very much about the man who would become John Cleese. If you’re a reader who is only into the book to find out more about Monty Python’s creation, there are other books devoted to the subject. While Cleese does talk about the Pythons, and how he met each one, that is scattered throughout the book and not just put in one section. That would be like explaining how you met every single one of your friends in one chapter. According to Cleese, he is writing  his “opinion, and this is my f**king book.”  Instead, Cleese talks about his initial career choices and what got him into show business, even though he had just spent years at Cambridge studying law. It is utterly fascinating to read his self deprecative humor and see the challenges he had with his family.

Cleese is open and interesting regarding his youth and early adulthood. For fans looking to find out more of what makes the British icon tick,So, Anyway… is a quick and fascinating read.

So, Anyway… is now available from Three River Press.


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