Mistress of Death Review: The Occult Activity Book



Becky Munich and S. Elizabeth are two people that you should start recognizing right away. A few weeks back, the two released a collaborative collection of art and games entitled The Occult Activity Book. With the recent craze of adult coloring books, those of us with a gother side were already reaching the end of our black crayons and colored pencils. We are going to need to find a place that wholesales black colored pencils.

The Occult Activity Book is tongue in cheek and hilariously brilliant. As mentioned above, it includes the artistic talents of many people including:

  • Carisa Swenson
  • Dana Glover
  • EC Steiner
  • Heather Drain
  • Jack W. Shear
  • Tenebrous Kate
  • Laurel Barickman
  • S. Elizabeth
  • Becky Munich

These people are talented as heck. Some of the many activities you’ll find  include a dress up doll of Elizabeth Bathory, Mad Libs of an incantation, a maze of prophecy, and a word search  of power words.

It is absolutely worth getting the Deluxe edition for the extra prints and sticker by EC Steiner.  The Occult Activity Book is current sold out, but more are expected soon so keep you eye on this webpage for order to open again: http://munichartstudio.bigcartel.com/product/occult-activity-book


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