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Ninja Librarians: Sword in the StacksThis series had me at “ninja librarians.” It lived up to the crazy promise of the title, with lots of strangeness, travels, perils, and book love. The second book just came out and it sounds as good as the first. Read on for details, a chance to win your own copy, and an excerpt from the beginning!

The ninja librarians are time-traveling Lybrarians who nip between times to save books and authors from destruction. Dorrie stumbled upon it accidentally while chasing a bad-tempered mongoose. Now she wants to be a member of the Lybrarians and go on missions. In the meantime:

After stumbling upon the secret society of time-traveling ninja librarians, Dorrie as finally joined Petrarch’s Library as an apprentice! One day, she’ll actually go on missions to rescue people whose words have gotten them into trouble. For now she’s taking some interesting classes:
– First and Last Aid: When Nobody Else is Coming
– Spears, Axes, and Cats: Throwing Objects with Precision and Flair
– Codes, Invisible Inks, and Smoke Signals: Keeping Secrets 101

But on a training mission to 1912 England, Dorrie finds herself dangerously close to a member of the Stronghold – the Library’s biggest enemy. This is her opportunity! Dorrie can spy on the enemy, find the missing key…and become a real Lybrarian!

But if she makes a mistake, Dorrie could lead their enemy right to the very place she’s trying to save…and everyone she cares about.

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Excerpt from The Ninja Librarians: Sword in the Stacks

Twelve-year-old Dorrie Barnes was on pins and needles.

And thumbtacks.

The thumbtacks were plastic-and scattered the length and breadth of Great-Aunt Alice's shabby ballroom where the Barnes family did most of its living and dining and everything- else-ing. The reason that Dorrie, coffee can in hand, was crawl- ing among the thumbtacks-and occasionally upon them, feeling slightly mocked by their cheerful colors-was that she had a four-year-old sister. A sister who had thought it made perfect sense to create a thumbtack garden beside the sofa and even more sense to run over it with a vacuum. The results had been spectacular.

Only a minute before, the tacks had been zinging through the air, ricocheting with hard pings off windows and Great- Aunt Alice's piano, embedding themselves in lampshades and couch cushions, and sending four members of the Barnes family streaking for cover. The fifth member-the perpetrator of the event-had simply squealed in delight. The sixth member-Great-Aunt Alice-had not been home at the time. Even if she hadn't been halfway around the world, it's quite likely she would still have escaped the need to streak for cover since, preferring order to chaos, she visited the Barnes on their side of her decrepit mansion as rarely as possible.

The reason Dorrie was on pins and needles was because a week ago, she'd been abruptly sent home from Petrarch's Library, the headquarters of the Lybrariad, a society of warrior lybrarians who took very unkindly to people who set fire to books or tossed writers into rat-infested dungeons. Hypatia, the director of Petrarch's Library, had given Dorrie only the haziest idea of if or when she'd be invited to return.

Since the lybrarians who occupied Petrarch's Library were just as likely to spend a Monday morning rappelling down a cliff with swords clamped between their teeth as shelving books...

And since Dorrie had longed to chase down villains with a real sword ever since she could hold a fake one...

And since, while staying in Petrarch's Library, Dorrie had unexpectedly served as the Unofficial Temporary Apprentice to Hercule-Savinien de Cyrano de Bergerac-possessor of the finest sword skills and grandest nose of the seventeenth century-and wanted to serve as Savi's Extremely Official Until-the-End-of-Time Apprentice more than she wanted her heart to keep beating... Dorrie was finding the uncertainty excruciating.

Much worse than the pain caused by the thumbtack that had just driven itself into her knee.

The Ninja Librarians: The Accidental Keyhand
Available Now in Hardcover and Paperback to order from Amazon click this link


An Overdue Library Book Can Change Your Life. (So Can a Pet Mongoose.)

When Dorrie and her brother Marcus chase Moe-an unusually foul-tempered mongoose-into the janitor's closet of their local library, they make an astonishing discovery: the headquarters of a secret society of ninja librarians.

Their mission: protect those whose words get them into trouble, anywhere in the world and at any time in history.

Petrarch's Library is an amazing, jumbled, time-traveling secret base that can dock anywhere there's trouble, like the Spanish Inquisition, or ancient Greece, or...Passaic, New Jersey. Dorrie would love nothing more than to join the society, fighting injustice with a real sword! But when a traitor surfaces, she and Marcus are prime suspects. Can they clear their names before the only passage back to the twenty-first century closes forever?


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