Glitterbomb #1 Takes Readers to the Underside of Hollywood


Glitterbomb #1 Cover The name screams skid row, doesn’t it? Glitterbomb. Makes me think of a female led rock band out of the 80’s. Lots of feathered hair and eyeliner. The works.  It’s not that though. No, it’s a really fun take on the underside of Hollyweird, I mean Hollywood.  Now this is a first issue, so all you really get in this, is to meet the players.  And the most important one is Farrah. An actress obviously down on her luck. Feeling beaten down by the industry. Bogged down by her kid. And put down by younger, prettier women.  These are all things that we outsiders of the film industry hear about, but to see it put out like that is comic form is quite interesting. It is even more interesting when you learn there is something not quite right about Farrah.

I’m seriously looking forward to finding out what exactly it is  that is living inside her, or if she is an alien, or a demon, or a witch, or…there are so many options really.  All I do know, is that I have totally imagined killing an annoying person with the spiked giant tongue that no one knows I’m hiding. Oh wait, no I haven’t.

Before I sign off, let me talk about the imagery in this comic. The muted color scheme alone is enough to tell you this isn’t a rosy, happy place to be. Don’t expect rainbows and unicorns. In this series, the dark of the sea is encroaching, the banality of the beige wallpaper in the sitting room is only there for the not-a-star-anymore people to blend in, so that the upcoming stars can stand out.  The Hollywood you’re getting a glimpse of in Glitterbomb is the dark side, and it’s much more interesting, in my humble opinion.

Glitterbomb is definitely a 4 star read and I can’t wait to see what comes next. The first volume was out yesterday and can be found on Amazon


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