A Body Found in the Library in “On Borrowed Time”


On Borrowed TimeAs Jenn McKinlay’s On Borrowed Time opens, Lindsey Norris is about to hold her weekly crafternoon group at the library where she is the head when she opens the meeting room only to see her brother asleep on one of the sofas. Begging Lindsey to let him hide out there for a time, Jack seems to go back to sleep, but when Lindsey returns as soon as her craft, lunch, and book discussion group concludes, rather than finding her brother where she left him, Lindsey finds a stranger, and he has been strangled. Worried about her brother’s safety, Lindsey keeps quiet about her brother’s visit and soon runs into him at a local teen dance. Cryptically,  Jack talks about the need for secrecy and that he escaped from the room while two men were fighting but had no idea one would kill the other. Then, shortly after, Lindsey sees Jack hurry out of the building with a dramatic-looking woman, who proceeds to push Jack into a speed boat and take off with him.

After a panicked boat chase, Lindsey gets a call from Jack but the lady snatches the phone away and tells her that Jack is in danger from her irate husband out to kill the two of them. So Lindsey must keep quiet at the risk of her brother’s life. But keeping quiet is not easy when people keep asking questions and there is a murder investigation going on too.

I really enjoyed this book. The plot was well-conceived and drawn very cleverly. And I still love the setting of the series, a library. And though this book has fewer details of library life than other books in the series, it still manages to allow Lindsey to use her library research skills as well as solve the mystery through her love of books. I also really love the characters in this book. We can see Lindsey and really desire her to find happiness as two men fight over her. Her best friend, the children’s librarian Beth, really wants a man, and we feel for her too. I also really love the support that women in their town give each other, both in their crafternoon gatherings (crafts+lunch+book discussion) and in the rest of their lives. It is the women Lindsay turns to when she most needs help, and they don’t disappoint.

Allyson Ryan provides a strong performance in reading this book. I really like the job she does with this book, making it seem real in a dramatic situation without making the book overly emotional. Ryan’s voice strongly suited the book and its tone.

I have been enjoying this series since book one, and On Borrowed Time is a strong addition to the series. I am eager to learn what happens now and am on my way to the Audible store to buy the next book in the series! I give this book five stars!

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