Kingdom of Clockwork: an adventure with an audiobook


 Kingdom of Clock as an audiobook? Sure, I figured I’d try it. I love to watch steampunk type shows and movies, but I’ve been finding it  hard to read a story set in that world. I thought, “well I’ve never tried audiobook, so let’s see” Oh man…so silly. Here’s the thing, the story is great. The images that you get when listening to it are lovely. But…Billy O’Shea, bless him, his voice is like magic. He kept putting me to sleep. I attempted it four or five times, and each time I woke up and had to back pedal. I think it is the Irish lilt that I just find so calming, and soothing. So, you know, if you try the audio book, be aware of this.

To the story, it’s full of intrigue and fascination. Set in a world after collapse and rebuilding, this story is about secrets and learning. There is so much good here. Really, after I finally figured I couldn’t be sitting down when I listened to it, I made it through and am so glad I did. There is so much in depth discovery of the past and the secrets that are held there. As well as discovery of person as Karl (our main character) grows and learns and becomes embroiled in the machinations of the king. I really enjoyed the almost philosophical debate that the story brings up.  Ugh, I really don’t want to give any spoilers, but I can absolutely say it’s definitely worth a read or listen.

There is a sequel I believe, called It’s Only a Clockwork Moon, and I feel like I’ll try to read that one, rather than listening to the audiobook.

Either way, 4.5 stars way up for this book! (and it checked one of the entries off my yearly reading challenge! woo hoo!)


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