Who´s Afraid of “The Big Bad Fox”–A Mother and Son Review


The Big Bad FoxWhile The Big Bad Fox was likely written for an older audience, it met with the enthusiastic approval of my five-year-old son. I first read it to myself and found it an entertaining book, and then several days later my son asked me to read it aloud to him. He sat enthralled as I read it from cover to cover.

The story involves a weak, rather dim, and apologetic fox whose life is full of misadventures. His ambition is for other animals to fear him, but instead the farm pig and rabbit pity him and the chickens always beat him up. The guard dog basically ignores him, because he is a threat to nobody. Due to his failure to catch any prey, the fox lives on turnips. After a difficult day trying to hunt the farm chickens, the fox returns to mournfully eat his turnips. His mentor, the wolf, startles him as he eats, and then tries to teach him how to instill terror in the hearts of other animals.

During the unsuccessful lesson on causing fear, the fox comments that he will probably only ever be able to catch a newborn chick. Immediately, the wolf agrees, and the fox returns to the farm to try and steal eggs. He fails to even move the hen off her eggs until he accidently wakes her up and receives a beating. Only when the wolf howls to create a diversion does he finally take three eggs and hurry off to the woods.

His misadventures have only begun. The chicks finally hatch, but imprint on him. Now as their “mommy,” he must endure six months of their loud demands while he and the wolf wait for them to plump up.

But will he ever eat them? To find out, look for Who´s Afraid of the Big Bad Fox, coming out…….

The artwork is loose and fun and works very well with the plot of this comic.  My son looked through the book on his own twice, just enjoying the pictures.


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