Car Thieves Come to the Bayou in “Hook, Line, and Blinker”


Hook, Line, and BlinkerJana Deleon’s newest, much-anticipated Miss Fortune novel, Hook, Line, and Blinker, is a strong addition to the whole, delightful series. Fortune, a CIA agent in hiding in Sinful, Louisiana, has had a couple quiet weeks when the Sinful grapevine, which is tied directly into Ida Belle, lets the senior lady who is the true controlling force of everything in Sinful that her friend Hot Rod has been nearly fatally attacked, and the only thing he managed to say as he was taken to the hospital was that Ida Belle is in danger. Hot Rod is known for fixing up vehicles to give them lots of power and fancy details, and Ida Belle recently bought a hugely souped-up SUV from Hot Rod.

Since Carter has not seen fit to tell Ida Belle about her danger, Fortune, Ida Belle, and Gertie decide not to tell him about their own plans to do recon on Hot Rod’s shop. That, of course, goes wild, as all the adventures of this trio go. But they do figure out that the common denominator about the attack is that all the black SUVs in the shop have been stolen. This must be why Ida Belle is in danger.

The rest of this book continues in the same fun way it began. I really enjoyed reading this book, and it fits in with my love of the whole series. I love the total humor of this book, which makes me laugh so loudly I woke up my husband while he was asleep. I love the creative mystery plots of each book. I love the wacky events that happen between the trio of the book and their enemy Celia. I also love the strong message of female empowerment and teamwork. It all comes together in a creative, enjoyable way. I give this book five stars!

Update: This book has come out on audio since it was published in print, which is when I wrote this review. Let me just focus here on the fantastic narration. I really love the performances of Cassandra Campbell, and her role in this series particularly shows her gift. How is a sexy (but without realizing that fact) CIA assassin under cover as a librarian in a place like Sinful supposed to sound? I’d have no idea of that if I hadn’t just listened to yet another portrayal of Fortune by Campbell, who really truly seems to embody this unique woman. Campbell also does a great job voicing the various characters and accents, as well as the emotions of the scenes. I can now say that I have just visited Sinful, Louisiana, and while Deleon created the town, Campbell provided the bus ride to get to the town.

The book is amazing as are all the books in the series. But if you haven’t read the first book, do yourself a favor and start with Louisiana Longshot for a proper introduction to the life of Fortune and her friends

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