San Diego Comic Con 2017: Major Grom



San Diego Comic Con is a prime con to meet international companies for comics and movies. In very few cases, these are companies that should get your attention. In the case of Bubble Studios’s Major Grom, this should definitely be in your radar.





For the past four  years,  Russia has been loving on  Major Grom. Major Grom features a detective from St. Petersburg named Igor Grom who is wicked fast thinking (as fast as Sherlock), full of kick ass movies , and ready to drop down geek references. He’s funny, virtuous, and an absolute hero.

The comic book is a pure love letter to noir crime stories doused with a gallon of action and sensational villains. The comics immediately introduce the Plague Doctor, a mysterious villain wearing the long beaked plaque masks as he commits crime to purge the city of it’s filth.  Once Igor Grom waltzes into a crime scene, we see his humor and quick wit.  There are beautiful women ready to throw themselves at Igor and he’s respected by all. Look up hero in the dictionary, and  there’s Igor.

Bubble Comics took this a step further and produced quite seriously one of the most amazing action short films. Seriously. This film is freaking amazing.The plot is centered around Detective Igor Grom (of course) , who, by chance, happens to witness a bank robbery. In spite of possible danger, he decides to stop the criminals on his own. So ensues a sequence of scenes. Including some interesting pop music interludes.




Every single shot in this short film is a proof of the love and admiration for action and storytelling. In thirty minutes, there is suspense, comedy, and jaw dropping action scenes. Absolutely pure fun!

Even better? This gem of a comic book adaptation can be viewed for free on Youtube:


If watching that short leaves you feeling empty and wanting more, you’re not the only one.  You can always always fill that gap by checking out the comic series on Comixology.

During San Diego Comic Con, I got to know the the team behind Bubble Comics and Bubble Studios with founder of the publishing house, Artyom Gabrelyanov and Roman Kotkov (Chief Editor of Bubble Comics).  It was immediate that our mutual love for all things geek and action bridged the cultural gap.  Even without subtitles, a great choreographed scene can unite cultures from across ocean.  This was their third year of being at San Diego Comic Con and they were super proud of presenting Major Grom to the US audience. The pair shared some behind the scenes knowledge like how there was no CGI involved.  So watch those scenes carefully. No CGI. Unbelievable. Check out the fun interview below:


Overall, one of my favorite finds during SDCC and I look forward to seeing more from Bubble Comics and Bubble Studios. As in, more movies like Major Grom!


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