“Justice in Savannah” Continues the Adventures of the Carlucci Family


Justice in SavannahIn Justice in Savannah by Hope Callaghan, Carlita Carlucci and her daughter Mercedes have gotten everything ready to open their pawn shop, except that the city has been dragging its feet on issuing them their business license. Determining to picket City Hall, Mercedes rounds up all their neighbor friends and gets the news station to cover them, causing the mayor to demand an explanation for the delay from the administrator in charge of permits. The man stammers that he can’t issue a permit without serious further investigation because he received an anonymous letter accusing Carlita of leading a drug ring from her home. The next day, Carlita discovers that someone has destroyed the ceramic statue in her courtyard, which begins a series of vandalism events in their neighborhood. These appear to be related to the effort to quash their pawn shop permit, but who is behind all these actions?

This book has a much lighter mystery than the typical book classified as a mystery, spending the majority of its time recounting the life of the mother/ daughter pair and their community. Despite this, I enjoyed the book as much as the first two in the series. Callaghan paints vivid images of the characters and their natures as well as the situations they find themselves facing.

Valerie Gilbert returns to perform the audio edition of the book and continues to do as excellent a job as in the first two books. She creates great voices for each of the characters, especially doing an excellent job with the accents of the ladies from Queens as well as the Southerners in Savannah.

Despite its lack of a strong mystery plot, I thoroughly enjoyed Justice in Savannah. I liked seeing more of what happens to the Carlucci family, and the lack of a murder did not mean lack of an interesting plot. The comparatively minor mystery also held my attention. I give this book five stars!

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