Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic-con 2017 – The Overview


Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic-con was held in Los Angeles, CA this past weekend at the Los Angeles Convention Center. I attended all three days of this event and was so smitten with it that this may become a regular on my yearly convention circuit. Here is the break down of my experience and a bit of why YOU should attend next year.


After opening ceremonies the convention was available to the public at 1 PM. I arrived with my counter part (the other half of ThermoCosplay, who assisted me that weekend with video/photography) around 1:30 following a half mile walk from our parking spot. NOTE: Parking in L.A. is either very expensive (close proximity to the convention) or a very long walk (farther from the convention). We opted to reserve our parking last month using a ParkWhiz app which saved us about $15 every day. If you have never visited L.A. then parking close may be your best bet. Thankfully, I had two very good guides helping me around the city.

Once inside the convention center on Friday I was surprised by the lack of attendees. It seems that Friday for this event is more like a preview night that a full event day. Despite low attendance, the people I interacted with were AMAZING! Here is a shot of Lina and I chatting with some fellow con goers as we entered the convention proper…

Friday was Twi’lek day. Being a Twi’lek at a convention does two things: draws a crowd and generates great discussion/conversation. We were able to become more familiar with the regulars at this event because of our Star Wars outfits and it better prepared us for the mass increase in people on Saturday.


When I say MASS increase in attendance on Saturday I mean HUGE increase. We arrived at 10:30 AM (the convention opened at 10 AM) and the halls were already filled with curious onlookers, excited fans, fantastic cosplayers and incredible guests. It was so overwhelming that we had to take a set of stairs up to the second floor to get our bearings. That is one thing I need to compliment this event on. They have spaces where people can “step away” and get some quiet. There were little alcoves inside and outside that were meant for a break. There is also an abundance of food, seating and snack vendors available throughout the day. Bonus points for proper organization and anticipation of attendees L.A. Comic-con.

Venue aside, I spent the day watching a panels presented by Over 30 Cosplay, the remaining main cast member of Quantum Leap and a very obscure view of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s head from the Main Stage as he spoke about Jumanji (and made a joke about his possible presidency). The Main Stage was a popular spot throughout the convention. They even hosted the costume contest there on Saturday (which was SO MUCH FUN to watch). Overall…Saturday was magnificent.


As the last day of con I decided to stay dressed down so I could capture images of Stan Lee’s panel in the morning and more video for all of you to enjoy. Unfortunately, I only spent a couple hours wandering the vendor hall on Sunday but I managed to snag a great hoodie from Akumu Ink Clothing before taking the long drive home to AZ.

Here are some things I would like to note about this event…

  • The Cosplay is GLORIOUS. Cosplayers tend to hang out in the atrium near the entrance.
  • The panel schedule is a bit tricky to figure out BUT panels are posted at each panel room.
  • The guest are AWESOME and the Main Stage helps you see them better by projecting them full screen.
  • The venue is LARGE and requires several hours of exploration. Since this event has short hours I recommend AT LEAST a two day pass.
  • The weather is gorgeous.
  • Uber/Lyft is EVERYWHERE so don’t be afraid to commute or use them to get to your parking spot.

Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic-con 2018 is scheduled to run October 26th-28th. If you follow them on FACEBOOK you will be able to track when tickets go on sale next year. I HIGHLY recommend this convention. Whether you are new to cons or a veteran, this caters to all levels and many geeky interests. OH! I almost forgot! Here is our summary video of the event (if you want to see the costume contest footage view our SATURDAY video):

For more photos of this event please check out THIS GALLERY.

For more videos from this event please visit our YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

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