A Bully Gets Strangled in “Copy Cap Murder”


Copy Cap MurderAs Copy Cap Murder by Jenn McKinlay opens, Harrison invites the friends to a Guy Fawkes bonfire put on by his high finance company, Carson and Evers, for its clients. People notice the sparks flying between Harrison and Scarlett despite her vow to wait another four months to get back on the dating scene. Soon Tuesday, Harrison’s ex-girlfriend who used to live with him, approaches the pair and tells Harrison to get them wine, sending him away in order to let Scarlett know that she intends to take Harrison back. As Scarlett has to face this woman, she gets saved by a man who diverts Tuesday, but Scarlett soon discovers that she now has to face an even worse threat.

Winthrop “Win” Dashavoy makes a point that Harrison clearly likes Scarlett, so he is going to do what he can to her to make Harrison jealous. The drunk man starts to paw at Scarlett, ably keeping her from escaping until she hears a welcome voice, that of Harrison. The pair get into a fight, and just as Scarlett convinces her friend to walk away, Win comes after Harrison with a brick. Fortunately, Alistair, the barrister friend from Harrison’s rugby team whom we met in the previous book, tackles Win and saves Harrison from serious injury. Harrison shares with Scarlett that Win bullied him badly while they were at Eton, and he has not improved at all since then, becoming the protege of Reece, the widow of the Evers that co-founded the firm, despite earning very little money for the clients, while Harrison is their top earner.

But now comes time for the bonfire, and they bring out the guy, which is the effigy burned in Guy Fawkes fires. But someone drops a corner, and out spills the body of Win, strangled. Because of the earlier fight and their previous history, most seem to assume that Harrison has committed the murder. In fact, he gets a call from Reece that he has been suspended without pay indefinitely. Scarlett and her cousin Viv determine to do what they can to help Harrison prove his innocence, against his express wishes.

This book kept me listening closely as I enjoyed the creative plot and interesting twists and turns. It did not exhibit much personal development from the previous books, with the characters keeping to their same types as in the earlier books, just with slight additions over time. But the plot had some points to it that made it fun to listen to.

I continue to enjoy the performance of Karyn O’Bryant in the audio edition of the book. She makes the book fun to listen to and does a good job of creating the American and British accents

Copy Cap Murder has a fun adventure that keeps the reader guessing. I enjoyed the storyline and the surprise ending. I give this book four stars.

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