A Wild Adventure of Vigilantes in “KIDNAP.org”


KIDNAP.orgRobin Parsons is having the worst day of her life after being fired from her secretarial job at a law firm in Peg Herring’s KIDNAP.org, when she gets a frantic phone call from her neighbor, Carter. The young man who has a mental age of about ten has accidentally kidnapped a local county supervisor who scammed Carter’s mother as she was dying into selling her 100 acre farm for $10,000 when it was worth a lot more money. Robin helps Carter deal with the supervisor, getting him to confess to his crimes before getting him to pay them $50,000 and letting him go.

In fear of the consequences, Robin consults a lawyer, who seems to enjoy her escapade and connects her with a man who creates a new identity for Carter, turning him into Cameron. As her fears relax, Robin begins to consider other corrupt public figures whom they might target to get to clean up their lives. As they go, they find themselves being joined by other people anxious to become vigilantes with them.

KIDNAP.org was a delight to listen to. I thoroughly enjoyed the antics of the characters, especially as the team encounters unique new people as volunteers. I enjoyed seeing Carter/ Cameron grow as a person the more he got exposed to different people. I don’t want to go into further details because it would give away spoilers, but I do really appreciate the way ones who might otherwise be deemed less valuable members of society are able to come together to join their strengths in order to accomplish good things, even if their means are not moral ways to deal with things.

Megan Scharlau does a good job of bringing this book to life in its audio version. Her performance did a lot to make the book fun, and I really appreciated the way she made the book move swiftly and cleverly.

I really had a fun time listening to KIDNAP.org. It’s different than the usual cozy mysteries I listen to, but despite not being a cozy, the book was a lot of fun and full of adventure. It gave me an exciting ride without being too intense for me to handle either. I give this book five stars!

Disclaimer: I received this book for free from the author. However, that in no way influenced the content of my review.

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