Bravest Warriors Devote an Issue to Impossibear


BW_Impossibear_Special_coverAThe Bravest Warriors comics this month are an Impossibear Special. The rainbow-colored tiny bear friend of Wallow on Bravest Warriors is the center of attention. From records intended to be played only once to solving problems so he can make it to the HoverMall in time, Impossibear is a sassy bear indeed.

The Impossibear Special is divided into five stories, each with a separate writing and illustration team. “Drop the Beat” follows Impossibear as he tries desperately to listen to an album he has just purchased. The story is written by Kevin Church and illustrated by Jess Fink. “Impossi-bagel” follows the life of Impossibear’s special bagel sandwich as it is ripped away from him by hungry birds. This is written and illustrated by Jeremy Sorese. “Save Us!” gives the readers a look at what happens when Catbug and Impossibear are left behind on missions. Nikki Mannino covers writing and illustrations. “Night Trap” shows the reader how far Impossibear will go to protect his food. Kevin Panetta writes and Paulina Ganucheau illustrates. The issue ends with the story “Whiz Biz” by Kat Leyh.BW_Impossibear_Special_coverB

Cute and quickly finished, the Impossibear Special of The Bravest Warriors is a must read for fans of the colorful bear.

The Bravest Warriors: The Impossibear Special is available now from BOOM!


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