Interview: Artist Diana Levin


978055_601220183236655_354555384_oFGN: What got you started with your art?

Diana Levin: I have been drawing since I was 5 years old. I have always been artistic and crafty so it just seems that I have always been doing it.

FGN: What aspects of your personality find their way into your work?

Diana Levin: I have been told that my artwork is both whimsical and dark. Also Many find some of my work to be humorous and often times I get quite a few chuckles, especially with my Bunny series. As much as I love fantasy, I have always had a dark sense of humor and you can definitely see that in my artwork.

FGN: What are your inspirations for your Gothic creations? Which artists do you admire?

Diana Levin: This is always a tough question for me. Mainly because I draw my inspiration from a variety of sources, some I am conscious of, some I am not. From years of reading  and watching Fantasy/Sci-Fi, attending comic and horror conventions, being fascinated with fairy tales, mythology and folklore,  to just people watching, it all comes together somehow. Many times I really don’t know where my ideas come from.

FGN: Do you have any particular rituals when preparing to create (ie, lots of coffee, dance music, yoga)?

Diana Levin: I don’t really have any specific rituals. Sometimes I just have to sit down and draw. Usually in front of my computer in my studio and sometimes also when I’m out and about, sitting in a coffee shop or bookstore. Every idea/ creation starts with a sketch. When the mood strikes me, I forgot to turn on music because I’m so focused on the drawing. Although I will turn on Pandora radio and sometimes Netflix when I’m painting. It can be a very tense experience for me actually. A lot of people think that art is relaxing. But for me the process of creating new things is pretty intense.

FGN: What has been your favorite piece you’ve made thus far? What pieces do you aspire to create in the near future?

Diana Levin: Hmmm, not sure if I can choose favorites. Octopus Tea Girl has been fun to make. And currently I am working on Classic Monster Pinup series. One being a cute female version of Bela Lugosi. I really like the way its coming out.

FGN: You recently just renamed your business Gypsy Ghouls. What brought about this change?

Diana Levin: Diana Levin Art has become a 2-person operation. Since my boyfriend Shawn has become a full time partner in this venture, we wanted to find a way to include that. I always want to get away from it being perceived as a solo indie artist business, to more of a bigger more established business. It will provide us with more opportunities for expansion. Also the name Gypsy Ghouls just fits well with our lifestyle. I alway felt like a gypsy, traveling from town to town, setting up shop temporarily and eventually moving on to the next one. The word Ghoul ties us to our more Goth/Horror side.

FGN: Do you find a better reception from the coffee shop crowd or convention goers?

Diana Levin: Definitely Convention goers. Typically people who go to conventions are already prepared to look at art and buy unique stuff. I tend to connect more with the Geeky crowd anyway. I am one of them haha

FGN: Do you enjoy traveling for your art, or would you rather stay close to home and create?

Diana Levin: I do enjoy traveling. I have been traveling a lot more lately. It just became the the reality of my life. Being away from home more often just makes me appreciate home even more. It can get a bit exhausting going to all these different shows. I exhibit on average at 2-3 shows a month. That’s quite a lot. I hope to eventually narrow that down in the future once I establish myself a little more.

FGN: Where are you displaying your artwork next?

Diana Levin: My next big show is Salt Lake City Comic Con. Followed by Son of Monsterpalooza in Burbank, Days of the Dead near LAX and Rose City Comic Con in Portland. September will be packed.

FGN: Where can our readers find your art work?

Diana Levin:



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