Review: Black Science #8


BSCIENCE008_CovDefy the rules of life and science and watch how much that will screw you.

In Black Science, Grant Mckay has spent his whole life sticking his middle finger at the conventions of society, life, and science. He’s an anarachist, cheats on his wife, and creates an invention that severely shreds the fabric of realities.

In Black Science theory, the possibility of all realities can be envisioned like the layers of an onion. Each layer contains infinite realities and dimension. The Pillar is able to “punch” holes through these layers and transport people to these dimensions. McKay makes lofty ideas of obtaining everything mankind ever needed, any answers to any questions, any cures for any diseases just by visiting another dimension.

In the midst of a celebration the pillars completion, something causes the pillar to activate prematurely. Grant , his two children (Nate and Pia), Rebecca, Ward, Chandra, and Kadir are all transported into another dimension. A very dangerous dimension with barely any tools to survive and no reliable way to go back home. Someone has sabotaged the pillar and it is randomly plopping them into different dimensions.

Where the Doctor Who series shows us the wonderful beauties of other dimensions, Rick Remender  (Fear Agent,Strange Girl, XXXombies)   creates realities that will make your heart seize up. Massive robots that chop you up. Societies that will scalp you. Frog-like beings that will kill you with a blue laser from their mouths.

If being stuck in world full of monsters don’t scare, how about the idea that you can die in a reality you were never meant to be in?

Not only will your brain be reeling from all the horrors and actions, but your eyeballs will be tingling. Matteo Scalera brings the story to life. The action scenes are beautifully done. So much is going on that you end up looking at the same panels again. Which means reliving the horror sequence again.

Grant McKay is introduced as an a#$hole. He’s a genius but an A*#hole. He’s the type of guy who looks down upon you and invalidates every argument you have about society and life. If I had him in a science class, I would avoid this jerk. He can get away with it too since he’s a bloody genius.

He’s a jerk but he is great lead character. Through all the horrors and trouble, his actions are to save his children.As they fight for their lives, he does a good hard look on himself. McKay’s other merits are gleaned from the efforts of the rest of the team. They continually speak of his loyal nature and genius.


Black Science #8 continues with the demise of Nate and Pia after they have plummeted off a cliff. As the kids are fighting for their lives, Nate thinks back on the actions of his father. Makes sense, since McKay has just “passed away” .Which is still questionable since an alternate self has already been presented. It makes me question if the McKay we have been following is even the main one. It could be a maniac alternative. Other stories have hinted that McKay has existed in another non-human forms.

Black Science  is a great science-fiction, horror comic to read through. Even though the Pillar starts off with lofty,ideological claims to save mankind, this comic is not just about the ethics of science. The big part of this comic is the question of who we are essentially.

Plus how good are you at escaping from creatures that wield very large guns.

Black Science #8 is available from Image Comics at your local comic book store.


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