Age Appropriate Review: “Basically, It’s the Eyebrows” A Guide to Pulling off the Perfect Time Heist


Editor’s Note: So often the intended audiences of a television program or book series get passed over in a wave of adult cynicism and review. We decided to give the intended audiences a chance to review the books and television shows intended for their age range, and Age Appropriate Reviews was born.  For our this column, 11 year-old Rory reviews the first episode of Series 8, ‘Time Heist.’


The most recent episode of Doctor Who starts with Clara getting ready for a date. The Doctor, clueless as usual, is with her. They are talking when the TARDIS phone starts to ring. The Doctor answers it and all of the sudden Clara and the Doctor are sitting at a table with two other people, with a briefcase in the middle. They are all holding memory wiping worms. We hear their recorded voices, saying their names and that they had their memories erased voluntarily. One the Doctor, Clara, Psy a computer enhanced human, and Saibra a shape shifting human open the briefcase they learn that they are already in the middle of stealing from an un-robbable bank. Next came a lot of what the Doctor does best,; running.

To me the theme is mystery. You don’t know why they are robbing the bank, you don’t know who really sent them, and you don’t know what they are retrieving. The episode was full of questions and you should be happy with the answers.

I really liked this episode because there are so many plot twists. The side characters were very interesting and you care about what happens to them. In fact, I liked Psy better than Danny Pink so far. You see Psy be incredibly noble a couple times. And he is always the first to help. The Doctor was at the top of his game, very clever and finally shows his heart. It doesn’t matter if you have seen any episodes before. This episode was one of my favorite, please watch it.


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