Mistress of Death: ‘Travels With My Father’ Shows the Personal Side of a Psychic Detective


cover54938-mediumPsychic Detective Nancy Myer was hoping beyond hope when she got the horrible feeling in her gut that her father was about to die. When she received the phone call that he had passed from a massive heart attack, she soon learned that she would not be without her father for long. One evening at home, Nancy turned to find her father standing in her house (wearing the same cranberry red sweater her mother hated) telling her he was fine. In her new book, Travels with My Father: Life, Death and a Psychic Detective, Nancy Myer lets readers behind the closed doors and into her life.

Begged by a local detective, and a little bit by the ghost of her father, Myer honed her gifts and began to help local authorities solve missing persons and murder cases. She has now worked 870 cases and has a 90% accuracy rate with the information she provides to the police.

Travels With My Father is a deeply personal book. Myer discusses the psychic gifts of her children, her own struggles with divorce and the loss of her family, and the difficult and disturbing visions she has received while working murder cases. She doesn’t shy away from the truth of a world just beyond our own, but rather embraces it. Her descriptions of her visions of her father and her connection with him after death is something so beautiful, and yet sorrowful.

Travels With My Father: Life, Death and a Psychic Detective is now available.


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