My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #29


MyLittlePony29-covBIn this issue the ponies are visiting Madisoat Square Gardens for the Equestria Wrestling Championship Tournament. They are cheering on their favorite wrestler the Mystery Mare. Rarity doesn’t find much interest in the match and goes to look around. She runs into Ponyville’s school teacher Cheerilee. It turns out she’s the Mystery Mare’s twin sister and they haven’t spoken in years. In hopes to help the sisters reconcile Rarity offers to have everyone meet for tea to help ease the tension. Not everything goes as planned because Mystery Mare or Cherry Blossom when she isn’t in the ring, stubs her hoof and can’t wrestle. It’s up to Cheerilee to take her twin sisters place and try to win the championship.

I have to admit when I first realized this was a wrestling story I groaned a little. It ended up being surprisingly cute and gives the reader a great message about believing in yourself. There was also a message about learning to embrace your differences to find something in common. The sisters who thought they had very little in common both just want to make the other ponies happy. My Little Pony always comes through with creative messages for its younger readers. The artwork in this issue was the usual fun basket of cheerfulness. It was amusing seeing the ponies in full wrestling outfits and making it work on four legs. The best outfit goes to Diamonte Elegante.

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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #29 is now available from IDW Press.


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