Wondercon 2015: Highlights and happy smiles


A lot of stuff was going on during Wondercon. Something memorable was constantly happening, people that must be seen, and footwear tread was ground down from dashing all over the place. Mix it in with cosplay shenanigans and you got yourself a jam-packed weekend.

With so many things to do, it means alot when time is carved out for panels. Or if you were exhausted and stumbled upon a room, there is a chance to discover something surprising.

Here is a list of my favorite experiences at Wondercon:


  • Spotlight on Rick Remender

For those following the Black Science or Low reviews, than this name should pop some brain nerves. Remender was a creator that I cleared a good portion of my schedule for. I was determined to see this man who created two comic series that have confounded my brain, turned it into mush, and yet still make me crave the next issue.

I was not prepared for such a down-to-earth and personable person. I expected brooding and even sarcasm. Remender spent forty five minutes answering questions from a packed room. He was generous with his answers, energetic, and full of charisma. He really reminded me of that guy in class who was super,super super smart-sarcastic-artist-punk shirt wearing student who was also the most popular kid in class. I was completely enthralled and became a more avid fan.

Meeting comic creators can be really tricky.I won’t get to meet every single comic creator, but the ones I do get to, their personality determines my fan status. If they’re awesome, solid fan; if they’re a##hats, then I won’t really support them.

A more in -depth discussion about Remender can be found here at Smart Girls Love Scifi.

  • Toonstock II

Toonstock II is a event panel sponsored by Warner Brothers Archives Collection. To slice open the nostalgia artery even more, the panel focused alot of attention on theme songs from our childhood (Batman Beyond!! holy moly, I didn’t realize how much I missed that theme song. Or how 90’s it was…). A local geek rock  band, Random Gibberish, offered up a music video with even more memorable songs. It was enough to weep. Weep for the hours we spent watching animated shows. Shows that I cannot remember the story arcs but by gawd will I sing that theme song to heart. Tale Spin! Duck Tales! Gummi Bears!! How my arms reach out for these wisp of memories! It just further proves how powerful music really is. I can still remember these tunes decades late but I always forget my cup on top of the car as I drive off.

Just when I was itching to binge watch every single animation show I missed, the panel brought out the treat of the whole panel. The reason why I came. To experience the sing-along version of “Mayhem of the Music Meister” from Batman:The Brave and the Bold. This was a special musical episode featuring a villain whose Broadway tunes would hypnotize anyone to do his bidding including villains and heroes. The music meister was played and sung by NEIL PATRICK HARRIS. NPH. How had I known about this?!?!? Yes, I am a huge fan of NPH (ever since Dr.Horrible Sing-Along-Blog). The episode was fun and simple. It was surprising to see how many LOVED this episode. The call for volunteers to sing parts of the lyrics as they scrolled was never ending. It was a great first experience and now I understand some of the cosplay outfits.


  •  Screen junkies

If Screen Junkies ever, ever show up at your convention, it is imperative that you attend it. Screen Junkies is the hosting channel movie reviews and fun shenanigans. They are most well known  for “HONEST TRAILERS” series. (If you have seen it, please do so now. And then prepare to lose a few hours of productive work since you will most likely watch the other trailers).

The panel started off with some favorite videos then launched right off into Q and As. The host was Hal Rudnick and he is just a barrel of charisma and laughter.Essentially this was a panel of cool,geeky guys just having fun discussing what we all love: movies. It concluded with a very impressive “Movie Fight” with a debate on who was the worse director: Michael Bay or M.Night Shayamlan? (I say Shayamalan for I will never forgive him for Avatar. Nope and who is the better action hero: Daniel Craig or Liam Neeson (Neeson.Heck yeah).


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