Faraway Friends: Written and Illustrated by Russ Cox is a Stellar Adventure


Faraway FriendsHaving his best friend move away was bad enough, but when Sheldon realizes his friend has moved all the way to Jupiter, he’s not sure what to do. Then, inspiration strikes! He has to build a rocket ship so he can go visit, of course! In Faraway Friends, that is exactly what Commander Sheldon A. Flyer and his dog Space Cadet Jet, set out to do.

Using anything and everything they can find around the house and the yard, Sheldon and Jet use creativity to find the best parts for their vessel. Sheldon is determined to build the perfect ship and reach the stars to find his friend!

Filled with colorful illustrations, comic book-style layout and lettering, the book will make young readers feel like they are a part of this stellar action-adventure as Sheldon and Jet build their rocket, prepare for blast-off, and just maybe pick up a new crew member for their voyage along the way.

Russ Cox’s charming, simple storytelling with a universal theme is accessible to beginning readers and yet still entertaining to the more advanced. He uses his bright and friendly visuals to harken back to classic comics and sci-fi movies to provide something fun for both children and their parents alike.

Best of all, seeing Sheldon use his imagination to complete his mission will engage children to use theirs, and embark on their own travels through the stars or anywhere else their minds can take them.

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Publisher: Sky Pony Press
Publication Date: May 5th 2015
ISBN-10 1632204088
ISBN-13 9781632204080


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