Songs and Fury, ‘Mind of Mirrors: Book One’


51llerClVDL._SX316_BO1,204,203,200_At 25, Jack feels like his life has yet to start. With a series of petty crimes and fights under his belt, the only consistency he seems to find is in his friend Alison. After a romantic encounter, they begin a life together but Jack still feels something is missing. A few month later, Jack is approached in a bar by a strange man in a green suit. He tells Jack of possible other worlds, discusses consciousness and in a few minutes Jack is confused and ready to split yet again. He leaves a note for Alison and takes off on his motorcycle to find out what other path he should be taking. He meets a strange cast of characters who discuss philosophy and returns to his Aunt’s home to put some missing pieces together. He road trips to LA and reunites with his music producer cousin and finds himself on tour with a band. He meets a shaman, ditches the band and becomes an actor, before returning to his philosophical friends.

Mind of Mirrors: Book One sounds disjointed because it is. In a couple hundred pages, Jack goes from two bit townie to following several elaborate career paths. He explores his option and still feels the universe closing in on him. The graphic novel is accompanied by a CD to help musically explain some of this. While this particular book is only the first 4 of 12 planned chapters, the CD covers the entirety of the series. Mind of Mirrors: Book One is written and created by Leland Jackness and Dan Franklin, who also wrote the accompanying CD. The illustrations are done by Tom Hodges, and colored by Brianna Garcia. While some sequences are basic and cover just the day to day, the occasionally otherwordly panel or two will crop up and show just how deep the rabbit hole goes. There are the occasional bouts of sex and violence, including a pretty intense outdoors between two cars type of sexual encounter, so I recommend this for the 18+ crowd.

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