LASplash Cosmetics: New Disney Themed Lip Lustres Are Magically Enchanting!


LipLustre_8x8Attention Disney princesses (and so inclined princes) of the world! A new gift has come to us from LASplash Cosmetics! After all the hooplah about the Harry Potter lipsticks, LASplash decided to give us another line to squeal like the fangirls we are. LASplash has released a new line of Lip Lustres, which are waterproof and are made as the coveted liquid-to-matte lipsticks that are all the rave right now among makeup gurus and artists. At only $14.00 a tube, these beautiful lip lustres are easily obtainable and definitely the perfect addition to any Disney fan’s makeup bag. With 12 gorgeous shades to choose from, there are colors for everyone, from a lovely nude called “Nala,” to a deep purple “Evil Queen,” they are by far my favorite in the recent fandom lines of cosmetics. The complete list is as follows.

“Nala” from The Lion King: A soft nude that from pictures I’ve viewed appears to have a light shimmer, about the same color as the warm and energetic lioness and her fur. Glamorous, neutral, and fiercely demanding of attention.

“Belle” from Beauty and the Beast: Also nude, but with a warmer tan tone. It is reminiscent of Beast’s fur, making it perfect for the movie’s princess that it was named for. It’s also perfect for Belle because she was not a very high maintenance princess, and wore seemingly no makeup at all until the dance in the ballroom with Beast.

“Esmeralda” from The Hunchback of Notre Dame: A vibrant purple in the shade of the beautiful gypsy’s skirt pops and draws the eye, much like her personality.

“Faline” from Bambi: A rich violet-purple, like flowers you may have seen in the film throughout the forest, but not quite something you’d see in Faline herself, reminiscent of a plum color.

“Tiana” from The Princess and the Frog: Another lovely purple, slightly lighter than “Faline,” a color that reminds me of Mardi Gras and the festivities down south in Louisiana.

LASplash Studio Shine Lip Lusters-Princesses“Alice” from Alice in Wonderland: A darker pink, closer to purple, that could seemingly go towards either color. Like the colors of the Cheshire Cat, this color is quirky and bubbly, and makes you wonder, is itpink, or purple, or neither?

“Aurora” from Sleeping Beauty: The perfect pink that Flora kept trying to make Aurora’s dress is reborn in this color, but be assured, Merryweather is not going to turn it blue and ruin your coordinated outfit.

“Ariel” from The Little Mermaid: A gorgeous pink similar to Ariel’s pink gown that she donned after washing up voiceless at the palace in which her prince resided. Quirky and bright, it is not for the faint of heart, but for the adventurous and bold, like the mermaid princess herself.

“Jasmine” from Aladdin: A soft, innocent pink, like that of perhaps the lilies that would have grown in the fountains of her royal palace, Jasmine’s fiery personality and soft heart come out in this pretty color.

“Dutchess” from (perhaps) The Aristocats: This color is not present in the physicality of the beloved mama-cat, Duchess, but resembles her personality instead. A warm, nurturing red reminds you of a mother’s love, with an apparent hint of shimmer, because mothers are fabulous.

“Lady” from (perhaps) Cinderella: This bold and blatant red reminds me of Lady Tremaine and her wicked ways. Unafraid and from pictures, appearing to pop with shimmer, this color grabs the eye and holds it, like Lady Tremaine’s nasty glare that was turned on poor Cinder-elly so many times.

“Evil Queen” from Snow White: This deep, menacing purple matches perfectly to Snow White’s evil stepmother and her despicable magic! This color appears shimmery like the vain queen herself and could even double as the evil Ursula’s color, despite her lips actually being red.

I don’t know about any of you, but these are on my “Must Buy” list. Next time I treat myself to some good cosmetics, I think I’ll be ordering Lady, Evil Queen, and Esmeralda. What about you guys, fellow Fangirls?

You can view the colors and buying options here at this link. LASplash Lip Lustre Line


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