Tucson Comic-Con: Kicking Eastern Arizona into Gear


In the past year I have attended nearly ten comic conventions. Many focus on a theme, genre or guest and push that focus down their attendees throats until you find yourself choking on gear, bags, badges and tickets with names, pictures and banners of that focus.

Tucson Comic-Con was no such convention. With a wide array of artists, guests, vendors, exhibitors, panelists and charity groups this convention showed its love for all things geeky. The convention kicked off its festivities with a preview night on Friday. The exhibitor hall and it’s occupants were open for attendee viewing/exploration. Artists such as Firelight Cosplay, Courtney Leigh Creations, and Cre8tive Metal Designs shared their wares with an excited public. I had the honor of speaking with the lovely Amber, founder and creator of Firelight Cosplays, who shared with the world her incredible take on a satyr costume.

Amber of Firelight Cosplay

Amber of Firelight Cosplay

Amber designs horns, prosthetic lekku (those tentacles that come out of the head of a Twi’lek) and sells prints of her cosplay works. She has a portfolio that is overwhelmingly beautiful.

Further exploration of the vendor hall led me to booths both large and small selling trinkets from all manner of genres such as these little figurines…
tcc figurines 20151106_181539

And these incredible plush backpacks!
plush backpacks backpacks

After some time in the vendor hall a friend and I headed out to the first floor where a plethora of cosplay groups were showcasing their costumes and collectibles.
IMG_5630 IMG_5621

While attempting to capture a few photos of some undead my friend and I were set upon by a rather noisy, rude and very obstinate Dalek.

Dalek shenanigans aside, Tucson Comic-con really worked hard to keep attendees intrigued with their vast collection of all things old, new and extreme. In the rear of the center the convention had a display of incredible comic and move themed cars such as…
star wars
Star Wars…
star wars truck
And more Star Wars!!!

Indeed Star Wars was a popular theme at this convention so, in good spirit, my friend and I donned our best Star Wars cosplays and took on the con!
Sam of FGN Lina Sith

Overall, the weekend was a terrific success. The staff members were polite, attendees were in good humor and photographers could be found around every corner. So, if you find yourself in Arizona sometime in early November next year be sure to stop by Tucson for an event that caters to the geek in all of us!

Since I never leave a review without a bunch of photos…here are some more cosplayers for your viewing pleasure!


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