Joy Shannon to Illustrate Celtic Seasons Through Film and Music with “Mo Anam Cara”



Celtic religion is one of the most popular European pagan traditions still alive and well in the United States. They invoke the fires of Samhain and Beltane, Wiccan rituals of divination and protection. Magic is woven into a world of fairies, witches, and ghosts. Their music calls on the druids of old, a dance of energy coming from the earth. Joy Shannon is an Irish musician and artist whose work explores the experience of the body through her real experiences, as well as the spiritual power of the goddess.


This spring, Joy Shannon and the Beauty Marks released an album named “Mo Anam Cara” that features a song for every seasonal holiday in the ancient Celtic calendar. She is starting a four music video project that will stream together as a short film representing the four seasons with the songs “Imbolc: Invocation to Brighid”, “The Fires of Beltaine”, “Mabon: Airmid Bring Back the Dead” and “Midwinter Ghost.” The creators of her haunting first music video of the album, “Midsummer Witch Hunt,” will be the production team for this project.

Shannon is fundraising $1,200 to film these songs in her cycle. The rewards range from a limited edition poster print, special edition t-shirts, to a DVD collection of all of her beautiful music videos. You can support her here.


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