Disney Single Seeks Same


 Common interests are the key to a strong relationship. There are dating sites out there that will help anyone find their perfect mate. From Farmers Only for county folks to Gk2Gk for geeks and nerds, there is something for everyone. Now there is even a dating site for Disney Singles called MouseMingle” which was launched today.

Membership is $12.55 a month if you want to connect with the special prince or princess of your dreams. What sets this site apart is the questions such as favorite Disney song, movie and along with more “DisNerd” questions. How else are you going to be able to tell your Prince Erics from your Flynn Riders or your Meridas from your Snow Whites?

Disney Singles are nothing new though. Over the last few years there have been a growing number of Disney Singles groups on Facebook. I was an admin of the group 2 Mice 1 Heart before meeting my own Prince Eric. (We met at a soccer game and I am slowly turning him into a Disney Nerd). The group would host events both at the Disneyland Resort and offsite for those who did not have an annual pass and included mixers, meet-ups, karaoke, and Battle of the Sexes.  Admins and members would also post content to the groups to get members talking online. The group was so successful that a 2 Mice 1 Heart Couples group was started so that members could still be connected from the other group. Other Facebook based Disney Singles groups include Disney Singles, Disneyland Main Street Singles, along with many others.

As someone who spent time on the Disney dating scene, it can be a lot fun meeting people who share your love of all things Disney. I recommend any Disney lover to check it out. The best part of course, is the magical moments you share on your first dates at the Disney parks.

Antonio and I meeting Chewbacca at Disneyland at the Seasons of the Force event.



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