Cape v Trench Coat–The Costume Showdown Finale!


You’ve done it! You’ve narrowed the choice of costume down from eight choices to the final, ultimate pairing: Cape v Trench coat. Which is best for those wishing to impress? Each has its virtues, but only one can win in the end!

At least, I suppose you could wear a cape over a trench coat but that seems a bit excessive and definitely downright uncomfortable. No, I’m afraid you’ll have to choose between them:

Both of these impress their audience in different ways.

There is no doubt that the cape outdoes the trench coat in billowing and looming. On the other hand, the trench coat is better at carrying off a dual identity. It’s wearer can walk through the streets relatively unnoticed until she or he needs the impressive flare. Wearers of both can put on useful items like bullet-proof vests underneath, but only the coat has pockets.

Then again, the cape has been known to billow out enough to include hang-gliding capabilities, and it is really impressive against a dark sky in the wind.

What do you think?

Is the trench coat or the cape the ultimate in impressive attire?

Let us know why you voted in the comments!


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