Cosplay Feature of the Week: Dodge The Snapping Turtle Cosplay


Hello gentle-people and welcome to another new week of Cosplay! Our feature this week comes from our suggestion box: Dodge The Snapping Turtle Cosplay!

Dodge the Snapping Turtle
Welcome Dodge! Why don’t you tell us something about yourself?

Hello! My name is Celia Riggers aka Dodge The Snapping Turtle Cosplay. I have been in cosplay since 2013 and I have no intention of stopping! Many of my cosplays include Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim vs the world, Hanji Zoe from Attack on Titan and many others.

Thank you for sharing! What was it like when you first started to cosplay?

Starting out, I was incredibly shy, so I used costume making and cosplay to talk to people at the conventions. However, I soon learned my mistake at a small horror convention known as Mad Monster. I was only 13 at the time, so I was incredibly nervous around all the celebrities, including names like Nivek Ogre and Did Heig. On my second day there, my brother and several of the celebrities decided to pull a prank on me, which involved stealing my purse (which I stupidly trusted my brother with) and sending me around the entire convention center looking for it. Later that day, I found my brother with both it and a camera filled with pictures of various celebrities holding it up in the background. After that embarrassing situation I was determined to get out there and show off my work!

Dodge the Snapping Turtle HorrorPranksters…darn pranksters. My brother is a prankster but I am fairly certain he understands the consequences of taking my purse. It sounds like you enjoy horror: is that the focus genre for your cosplay costumes?

Originally, I started out in the horror/sci fi genre, working with names like Brian Pulido and Raven Gregory. Recently, I have also started to enter the anime/cartoon genre with characters such as Hanji and Raven from teen titans. I have also been working on costumes like Hinata Hyuga from Naruto, Kairi from Kingdom Hearts 2, and flame princess from Adventure Time.

I LOVE Raven from Teen Titans! Last year a group of us did a Titans vs. Hive skit and it was wonderfully fun. Does community drive your passion for cosplay?

While determination and practice have certainly helped me, I would not be this far without the help of others.

I could not agree more! Who have you worked with in the local/regional/national cosplay communities?

The first person I’d like to acknowledge is Autumn Ivy (who I consider to be my cosplay mother) as well as Cara Nicole (who has shown me that cosplayers can have talents outside of conventions as she is running for government representative). I’d also like to thank Heather Rene Nance who has taught me to think outside the box with cosplay for she has some of the most unique costumes.

Additional Fun fact: I actually do a lot with Mesa, Az Police Department!

P.S. I’d also like to thank AmberSkies and my two best friends at the cons: Ali (Cosplali) and Maggie (Pip the Pipe Cleaner Pup).

I had the chance to meet Cara Nicole at Sabaku Con this past May. She is an inspiration and I wish her all the best as she runs forward with her political campaign. Before we wrap things up do you have any words of wisdom for current/future cosplayers?

We are all at different levels. If you are new, don’t compare yourself to the pros. Confidence and determination will help you rise to that level, no doubt.

Thank you so very much for sharing with us Dodge! For more about Dodge The Snapping Turtle please visit her on…

Here a few photos of Dodge and her cosplays…

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