‘Bury It’ Music Video by CHVRCHES + Jamie McKelvie


The music video for CHVRCHES “Bury It” brings Jamie McKelvie’s drawings to life with gorgeous animation by Australian studio Mighty Nice. This synthpop anthem originally appeared on their 2015 album Every Open Eye, and this new version features guest vocals by Hayley Williams of Paramore.

I’ve been watching it on loop since I found it this morning.

You might know McKelvie from Phonogram, The Wicked + The Divine, or Young Avengers. The video features animated versions of the band experimenting with telekinesis and flight in a sunset-drenched urban landscape that showcases McKelvie’s unique gift for lighting and colors. His versions of Hayley Williams, Lauren Mayberry, Iain Cook and Martin Doherty are spot-on and full of personality, and the video full of delightful details that reward rewatching.

Music videos have a unique ability to capture a single feeling, and this is a perfect distillation of the joy and wonder of superheroes. Parallels to the superpowered pop stars of The Wicked + The Divine are obvious, but there’s a lot of comics goodness beyond that. The specific power set on display puts me in mind of Phoenix, especially the chilled-out Rachel Summers version – I’d give my right arm to see an X-men series done in this style.

McKelvie And CHVRCHES have worked together before: check out these awesome sold-out tour posters. The band still has a few T-shirts and totes featuring his designs in their online store, but sizes are limited and I don’t expect them to last.


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