People Keep Dying Around ‘The Resurrection Man’


the Resurrection Man by Charlotte MacLeodMax runs into his old friend, the former forger of Byzantine icons, the Countess Lydia Ospenska, and begins another adventure of murder and mayhem in the art world in Charlotte MacLeod’s The Resurrection Man, the tenth book in the Sarah Kelling/ Max Bittersohn series. Already curious about the art restorer who runs an atelier after the style of a medieval guild, complete with velvet costumes and live-in facilities, Max begins to take further notice of Bartolo Arbolest when several of Arbolest’s recent clients have their restored artwork stolen.

But Max gets especially involved when Sarah calls an old family friend, only to learn from the maid that Enora is doing nothing but sit on the floor, and the maid cannot rouse her. Upon arriving at Enora’s house, Sarah and Max are horrified to discover the body of George, Enora’s husband, lying on the floor with a spear stuck through his heart. While interviewing Enora after the police have removed the body, Max learns that Enora and George have also been recent patrons of Arbolest, giving Max and Cousin Brooks the opening they need to visit this atelier to investigate.

In addition, a little brown man keeps popping up in the most unlikely places, doing energetic exercises in a red jogging suit, with the single exception of when Cousin Anne finds him in her garden wearing a rhubarb leaf, which, Anne is quick to point out, was a very large rhubarb leaf!

The story in this book really kept me paying eager attention, except at the end, when it involves some narratives that do tend to get tedious and drag out. The characters, as always, give life to the book.

The audio version of the book is performed by Andi Arndt, who handles herself well, including with the accents of the non-Boston natives.

If not for the section of the book with all the narratives, I’d consider giving this book five stars, though it also gets a bit ridiculous, with bodies piling up at the end. But I save that rating for only the very best books, so I give The Resurrection Man four stars. The Resurrection Man is available in multiple formats. To order from Amazon, click here. You may also find it in your local library or bookstore.

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