Sara Crocoll Smith Knows How to Throw a Party


Welcome to “Who’s There?” our new series featuring some of the wonderful and creative people out there in the great world of geekdom. Here to start us off is Sara Crocoll Smith who designs themed nights based on favorite shows. Want something to do this weekend? Take a look at Sara’s suggestions.

Facehugger Pizza

Facehugger Pizza anyone?

Science fiction. Two words that, dare I say, delight and excite multitudes. It certainly has that effect on me. And it’s increasingly a genre capturing mainstream attention. That’s a wonderful thing because it means much more science fiction movies, TV shows, books, video games, and comics in the world. Science fiction is a genre to be explored, to be savored, to be celebrated.

I’ve always been an avid consumer of science fiction. Over the last several years, I’ve been working up the courage and gaining the knowledge necessary to contribute my own science fiction to the world. Over at, I’m dipping my toes in that water.

Once you’ve explored and savored a piece of science fiction, how can you take it that one step further to enjoy something incredible? Throw a theme party! Well, that was my answer anyhow. Over the past year, I’ve been developing theme nights to celebrate different works of fiction.

When I put together a theme night, I’m gathering together all the fun things about a piece of fiction. First, I’ll scan existing content online. I pull together pieces such as what to watch, where you can watch it, cool quotes, themed drinks and foods, any spin off board or video games, drinking games, party favors, cute GIFs, did you know type videos, and interesting facts. If there are any gaps, such as there’s not a particularly good drink or food dish, which commonly occurs, then I work to develop one.

When developing a themed drink or food item, I will watch and/or read the piece of work. I’ll jot down anything notable with regards to the particular item or anything iconic. This is also a great way to identify good quotes or scenes to highlight. Then I brainstorm and experiment!

Experimenting with a theme night is the best part. I’ll plan an evening to test out the theme night on my husband or friends, making sure everything works and tastes good, taking pictures along the way. If anything doesn’t work well, I tweak it until works. And watch out for some of the drink and drinking game combos. It definitely spices up our nights!

Here are few, if you want to check them out:

The one I spent the most time developing was The Martian Theme Party. Since it’s a newer piece of fiction, there wasn’t a whole lot of ideas already out there. I created those labels myself. And it’s turned out to be one of my most popular theme nights! Though, I will say, the creation I’m most proud of is my Alien pizza. Doesn’t it look like a facehugger?

Dinki-Di Dog Food Can and Pigs in a BlanketIt’s been a lot of work, but really fun and rewarding! Nothing makes me happier than to hear from someone who’s been able to plan a killer party from my theme party and date night ideas. I’m always open to suggestions! The next one I’ve got my sights set on is a Firefly/Serenity theme party.

Now, I have a bit of a confession to make to you. Though I love them, the theme nights aren’t the only reason I created my website. I’m working with my nose to the grindstone, writing a space opera series. The series follows my female protagonist, as she must pass harrowing trials across the universe in order to get back home and save Earth. She’s not your typical strong female archetype. She’s a woman facing impossible circumstances, who can get hurt, who doesn’t always have the right answers, who can feel. Women aren’t cardboard cutouts with bouncing, perfectly curled hair that never moves out of place as she lands her perfect punch or kick. We’re real. And we deserved to be portrayed that way in fiction.

The series is scheduled to kick off next year. Why so long? Well, my goal is to indie publish several pieces of work at once, so you can binge to your heart’s delight. What do you think? Like the sound of that?

Smile Command Error

But Sara, you tell me, a year is so far away. I hear you. That’s why I have a small offering for you. You can get my free scifi short story Smile Command Error, by going here and signing up for my newsletter. When Vera 257 deviates from her base programming and begins to behave differently, who will pay the price? Her or us?

In addition to getting the short story, by joining my newsletter (with a strict no spam policy), you’ll get news about my upcoming space opera series. I plan to share all kinds of goodies with those who sign up, including early access to the series, exclusive content, and more. So make sure to get Smile Command Error now.

Thank you for spending this time with me! I love to hear from people who enjoyed a fun science fiction theme night or my scifi short Smile Command Error. Tweet me @CrocollSmith.

Sara Crocoll Smith Knows How to Throw a Party
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Sara Crocoll Smith Knows How to Throw a Party
Sara Crocoll Smith talks about planning a geeky, themed party.
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