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Hello everyone! Sorry to interrupt your regularly scheduled cosplay feature…nope, never mind. I’m not sorry because this is going to be equally as cool and interesting and by golly am I excited to have the opportunity to introduce all of you to some AMAZING cosplay photographers. Once a month we will feature convention/cosplay photographers who have caught our eye. As our inaugural post I decided to introduce all of you to one very cheerful, energetic and talented cosplay convention photo genius: Orange Slice Media!

Orange Slice Media
Orange Slice Media was founded by Jeremy and he is one swell guy! Hello Jeremy! Please tell us a bit about yourself and your photography endeavors…

I’ve been a photographer for maybe a little over two years now. My first real start in cosplay photography was at Phoenix Comicon Fanfest 2014, when my friend Skull E. Lane agreed to be my first cosplayer to work with. After that, I met Luluko through a mutual acquaintance, and we started working together on creatively putting together shoots, and she’s helped me get to know a lot of other cosplayers since.

Luluko is terrific! So, what is your camera of choice?

My favorite camera has recently been a Canon EOS 80D, which has been helping me compensate for some of my deficiencies, but the one I’m most familiar with is the camera I own, a Canon EOS 60D, which has been my trusty companion for the last two years.

I use a Canon EOS Rebel T3i and I LOVE it! Canon is just a wonderful product (I even have an old fashioned, film consuming, manual Canon that’s 20+ years and still kicking!). How did you learn to be a photographer?

I learned the basics of photography through online courses (Udemy has some excellent courses) and through a handful of blog sites that I like to occasionally skim through, like I get new ideas typically from places like or

The internet: our teacher and constant companion. Thanks for sharing those sites! How would you say that photography has impacted your life over the years?

Photography has impacted me by giving me a way to give back to a fandom that I’ve been a passive part of for some 16 years. For the longest time, I didn’t really enjoy doing anything but consuming anime. Sure, there was the fuel for my imagination that anime gave me, but I never turned it into anything. I didn’t draw, I didn’t write, I didn’t cosplay, nothing. However, photography gave me the opportunity to exercise the imagination with the cooperation of others, and I’ve been creating artwork with the help and skill of others, using cosplay as my niche in photography.

You found your creative outlet. It’s surprisingly difficult for many people to accomplish that feat. I believe that EVERYONE is creative, they just need to find their preferred path. Ok, enough with all this serious talk; let’s get down to stories…do you have any (I know you do)?

rachsaysmer-kotorisheep-0186My favorite con story is probably a little odd, but it was when I first did a shoot with cosplayer RachSaysMer (a fantastic name!). She was the third cosplayer that I ever worked with, a personal friend of Luluko, and she was cosplaying as Kotori Minami, one of my two favorite characters from Love Live!. RachSaysMer represented the first time that I ever worked outside my comfort zone of just people I know, and when asking her personally for a shoot, I was a nervous wreck and sounded like it when asking her for the shoot. While nothing too exciting happened during the shoot itself, the process of going up to her, asking her for that shoot, and actually performing the shoot in the gardens of the Arizona Commons (it was Sabotencon 2015, at the Sheraton Downtown Phoenix), all while she calmly accepted the fact that I was a complete novice and acted like it, was an incredible confidence booster and made me a substantially better photographer. As an introverted photographer, it made me realize that I needn’t worry about the process of asking for the shot and can just focus on taking cool and interesting photos instead.

You are rather shy (I should know, I’ve worked with you) but I can appreciate that (I was once an introvert…then I became a cosplayer). I am going to note that of the belief that if you provide free shoots (which he often does) you should receive a tip from the individual you are photographing. No joke: I aggressively forced money into his hand (totally don’t regret it either); Jeremy super humble so buy him Starbucks and give him love – the Sam demands it!

Alright, I know your plans at conventions (Jeremy sends out notifications prior to each con on his FB page asking for photo shoot participants) but I am not familiar with your goals for the future. What do you expect from the future?

In the future, I intend to do open shoots at a couple of different locations around Phoenix. I’ve been wanting to do photo shoots at the Japanese Friendship Garden in downtown Phoenix for a little while, and I think there are several people I know who are interested in doing a photoshoot there as well. I also want to start monthly open studios, where people can sign up for free to attend and get professional-style photos against standard backdrops, photos that primarily focus on the quality of their cosplay, and also serve as an opportunity to give people photoshoot opportunities in a controlled environment and outside of a con.

Dude…you rock! Honestly, if you are coming to an Arizona convention you HAVE to hunt Orange Slice Media down. He’s chill, great to chat with and he ALWAYS has someone interesting with him (shout out to Pope and Luluko). Orange Slice Media has a website: AND a Facebook page:

Thank you for chatting with us Jeremy! We wish you the best in all you do!

For all of you itching to see Jeremy’s work here is a preview of his amazing ability to capture the very essence of his subjects…

Know a photographer that wants to be featured? Are you a convention/cosplayer photographer? Do you want to be featured? Contact [email protected] with your suggestions. Fan Girl On!

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