KickStarter: Women Vs Cosplay


Last month I made note of the NEW Women Vs. Cosplay endeavor headed by the ever awesome Anabel Martinez. While recruitment for this project has closed there is still a chance for all of you to become involved as project sponsors through Kickstarter! Here is a break down of the many INCREDIBLE funding levels for this fun Kickstarter…

So HOW do you help support this project? For starters, visit their project link: WOMEN VS COSPLAY CAMPAIGN. Next, scroll through the many AMAZING cosplays present in the calendar. Once you have had your fill of awe inspiring costumery take a moment to review your finances and determine which level is most comfortable for your pocket book. Once you have that number in mind scroll to the top of the page and click on “BACK THIS PROEJCT“.

You will be redirected to a page that has all of the backing level available. Click on the level you prefer and use the continue button to proceed to check out. It’s THAT EASY!

If you can’t afford to support the campaign this year then make sure to join the Women Vs Cosplay MAILING LIST for updates on future projects, events and meetups.

As always, be sure to FAN GIRL ON!!!


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