Podcasts to Scare You Silly This Halloween


You’re stuck in the horror that is traffic or mid-chores. You can’t sit and read, nor watch a film, but want something spooky to keep your brain moving. Enter the wonderful world of the podcast. Here are a few choices to spice up your Halloween Season.



I have very little chill when talking about Tanis, as I am a ridiculous fan of this podcast. Now close to the end of the 2nd season, Tanis follows radio host Nic Silver as he explores the mysterious nature of something that is part location, part spirit, and part continuous question. What is it about this mysterious area of the Pacific Northwest that causes people to gouge out their eyes, rip out pieces of their chest, or lose hours at a time? The podcast is notorious for sucking you in with a fictional mystery, but combining real life occurrences and figures until you don’t know where the fiction starts and the truth ends.  Tanis is so good, it’s sinister. Just be prepared to spend far more time than you were expecting binge listening because you’re unable to stop.

You can listen to the Tanis podcast on their website or iTunes.

Stoney Creek


Stoney Creek is only 9 episodes long so far and it is easy to binge-listen without meaning to. The podcast follows 17 year-old Jessica Mauro as she explores the mystery behind the death of her boyfriend, Emmett. His body was discovered in the woods, his blood drained, internal organs gone, and skeleton removed. However, the body otherwise appears to be perfectly intact with no exit wounds whatsoever. Jessica points the finger initially at her stalker, but soon realizes that the disappearances of others may be linked to the local myth of a creature known as The Endgrave. I listened to this entire podcast in a single evening.

You can listen to the Stoney Creek Podcast on their website or iTunes.

Black Tapes


Alex Reagan is an investigative reporter for Pacific Northwest stories. She stumbles upon The Strand Institute, run by the enigmatic Richard Strand. His collection of “Black Tapes” are unsolved cases. His institute has been offering a million dollar prize for proof of the supernatural, but Strand is a notorious doubter. Alex Reagan ends up uncovering cults, demons, ritual murder, and a whole wealth of awkward moments between her and Strand. Fans of Tanis will know Black Tapes to be its sister series, and there are occasionally cross over characters.

You can listen to the Black Tapes podcast on their website or iTunes.



Ten years ago, the experimental community of Limetown became a ghost town over night. No one has been able to uncover what happened to the men, women, and children of the community. Investigative journalist, Lia Haddock, begins to look into what happened to the town and ends up finding her life, and the life of her family members, in terrible danger. Everyone she speaks with becomes a high risk for a brutal death. Season 1 finishes with a major cliffhanger, but there is no Season 2 on the horizon. Prepare to never be able to hear the song “The Tennesse Waltz” again without chills.

You can listen directly on their website, or on iTunes.



This is the only non-fiction podcast on the list, but it’s just as chilling. Aaron Mahnke tells classic and frightening tales of real life occurrences and infamous legends. The best part of this podcast is the ability to listen out of order. If you want to listen to a podcast on Elizabeth Bathory (pronounced Bow-tree, trust me), or about the infamous H.H. Holmes murders, you can skip around. Don’t think it’s just killers, there are ghost stories and mysteries a plenty. It’s a bit like Unsolved Mysteries in podcast form. Recently, Mahnke announced that his podcast will become an Amazon streaming show. It’s hard to go wrong with this one.

You can listen to Lore on its website, or on iTunes.

Happy Haunted Listening!


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