Ether #5


 Man…this is the end of this chapter. Ether #5 seems to be a stopping point. Will there be more “volumes”? I don’t know. I do know that I love the idea of this story. Even if it sometimes annoys me or breaks my heart.  Poor Hazel. That’s all I can say. To love a man destined to leave you over and over again, I can’t imagine. And to be reunited only to for Boone to do what he always did…leave. I’d be angrier than she was.

This issue starts with Boone tracking the copper golem. He has to sell a piece form the Ether, a piece he probably shouldn’t have brought through, just to get home. Italy. Where he lived with Hazel before the Ether stole him one time too many. The only problem is, the artifact that Boone thought would track the golem, actually brought the golem to him.  Then we get a long litany of how Boone is anti violence which is interrupted by Hazel swinging a flaming sword. Hazel is pretty wicked in my opinion. Once the golem is dispatched Hazel does what she does best, she lets him leave. Back to the Ether he goes to try and capture the person or creature he believes is behind the copper golem.

Back in the Ether with Glum, Boone confronts the villain of the story, only to be basically laughed off. Not something that Boone seems to be worried about though. In the end Boone and Glum have a plan. A devious plan. I cannot wait to see how it plays out in the next volume of this comic.

Ether has had high points and midway points for me, or at least this volume has. There is so much potential for this to be the most awesome, and I really hope that the writers have more really cool stuff in store for us with whatever they hit us with next! Stay tuned.


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