Penny Dreadful The Awakening part 1


Wow. Okay, Penny Dreadful The Awakening is chock full of craziness. It breaks my heart to see Ethan so upset over Vanessa, but then again, is that her ghost? I’m not sure that it is. He could just be losing his mind after what he did. It could also be some weird women intent on making him lose his mind..there is no end of weird people in the penny Dreadful world.

So, I love that there are mummies in this series, I don’t think mummies get enough credit for being totally wicked (with the glaring exception of Brenden Fraser’s Mummy movies, because that first one is perfection). Moving on.  I was not at all surprised to find the Lord Kent of the super bad attitude is part of some super secret sect of Lucifer worshipers because, well it’s always the uppity folks, ain’t it?  And he brings Set back to life with the express mission of killing all of London in order to raise an undead army.

Meanwhile, Ethan is at Vanessa’s cabin with the good doctor wanting her to read his mind and figure out how to control the beast inside. Which to be honest, is not a smart move. I figure he’s going to need that beast to kill destroy the undead army, right? I mean, it makes sense. To me at least. But, I understand he’s hurting, so it makes sense to him. I just hope that maybe he’ll figure out that what he did was the right thing to do. And he can find peace. But not before he fights the undead army. Let’s not forget about those guys…

This is the first in an arc of 4 and I’m super curious how the battle will fare in only 3 more issues, but I bet they can do it. And I’ll be here, ready and waiting to read it.


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