Attack on Titan Season 2


Okay, it’s been awhile yes? Right around 3 years since the first season. That’s a long time for any fandom to wait. It’s worse than Sherlock even.  And if you don’t have a subscription to Crunchyroll or Funimation, then you’re S.O.L anyway, which is why I now have a shiny new Crunchyroll sub. Because I didn’t want to wait even longer for it to come to Netflix.  You know, sometimes not living in Japan sucks pretty bad…

Attack on Titan Season 2!!! Finally. All the excitement courses through me, until I realize that it’s only 12 episodes. Yup. 12. That’s less than half of the first season. So, yeah, bummed.  (Here is where the Crunchyroll sub really comes into being totally worth the money. I’m gonna read all the manga. All of it!!) But because it is only 12 episodes, I’m going to do four posts, 3 episodes each.

The first three episodes were a little slow in some parts, but then again we did get to meet the beast titan…who talks! Talks I tell you, and rather posh. So that was fun. And while I was sad that we don’t get to see too much of who I consider the core characters (Eren, Mikasa, Levi, Armin), we do get a bit of background on some of the others.  There was background on Sasha and Connie, even going so far as to travel to their own towns.

The other big doozy from the first thee episodes, the titans in the wall! And that the pastor knew about the titans in the wall. And that the pastor is still not talking about something about the titans in the wall! It’s still such a mystery, though Armin is the first to really put two and two together, which just confirms that Armin is smarter than most people give him credit for.

So things I liked; posh talking beast titan, seeing Sasha be pretty wicked with an arrow, Hange hanging pastor Nick off the wall.

Things that I want to know more about; dinosaurs in the opening credits (lol..what?), which one of the 104 is a titan, talking beast titan, titan with tiny legs on Connie’s house.

So you see, I am super curious about the beast titan. Otherwise, I’m super excited about this new season, despite it’s brevity. Unlike super die hard fans, I’ve not read the manga yet, so it’s fun discovering as I go. Though, because of the brevity, I will be reading it soon. I don’t think I could wait another three years for more


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