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Whew! 11 days of hard core gaming and I’ve completed Mass Effect Andromeda at a 100% viability with ALL Arks found, ALL allied missions accomplished and a trio of strong Strike Teams to aid in future Kett/Remnant/Outcast Apex Missions. Now what do I do? Oh! I can tell all of you about it! WARNING: There MAY be some MEA spoilers in here so read at your own risk…


Since this game is IMMENSE I will need to break it up in sections. Why start with characters? Well, you really would not get anywhere without your: Team, Ark and Relationships. Therefore, characters are where we’ll start on this MEA journey.

Playable Team

The first characters you encounter are the fellow humans who traveled with you on Ark Hyperion: Liam Kosta and Cora Harper. They travel with you and your father prior to the “incident” that lands you the job of Pathfinder. That “incident” occurs in the Andromeda cluster. That’s right, you’ve traveled for 600 YEARS to arrive at a new galactic cluster chalk full of enemies, planets, aliens and some weird dark matter suitably named “The Scourge”.

After Habitat 7, where “the incident” occurs, you are charged with finding habitable planets. Before your first mission a determined Turian who goes by Vetra Nyx insists she travel with you. Not one to turn away an extra pair of arms, you accept her offer and venture to the first semi-viable planet: Eos. Eos is inhospitable which is no surprise after you find several ruined outposts from previous settlement attempts AND some VERY unfriendly foes. But hey, you’re a Pathfinder so danger is a part of your position. As you roam about Eos you discover “The Remnant” and realize they have harnessed the power of a massive terra-forming network that could just make the not so golden worlds viable. It’s here where you meet Peebee, she’s a rambunctious Asari with a penchant for technology/archaeology who is reminiscent of Liara from the original ME series were she much younger. After a few battles in Eos you also encounter Nakmor Drack, he’s…well, he’s a Krogan who’s over 1400 years of battle experiences and living have made him cranky and absolutely AMAZING to interact with.

So let’s do a head count. You have: 2 humans (Cora and Liam), 1 Asari (Peebee), 1 Turian (Vetra) and 1 Krogan (Drack)…that’s a pretty even playing field but MEA makes sure you have one more hand to aid you in exploring this new galaxy. During one of your missions the enemy reveals itself. Known as the “Kett”, this species steals the genetics of others and “exalts” them to enhance their numbers. It’s a messy process and the “exalted” are brainwashed into submission so there are A LOT of pissed off people in Andromeda who HATE the Kett. Cue the Milky Way galaxy Arks and the Angarans, who call Andromeda home, are fed up with alien visits. Despite this hatred the Angara tentatively welcome you, the Pathfinder, in a last ditch move of desperation. In Aya, the Angarans’ sovereign world, you meet Jaal Ama Darav. BAM! You have a team of 6 interchangeable characters who can aid you on your missions.

But wait! I haven’t REALLY told you much about your team…have I? Let’s fix that…

Tempest Team

During your travels across Andromeda you have a team on board the Tempest that keeps you and your ship in tip top shape. There is…

Influential Encounters

These characters are the ones whom, when you interact with them, WILL impact the future success/failures you endeavor to survive in the game.

  • Reyes Vidal: He’s a sly one who helps you on Kadara port. I won’t spoil it but you are going to HAVE to choose between him and Sloane.
  • Sloane Kelly: She is the leader of the outcasts who took over Kadara port from the Kett.
  • Nakmor Morda: She is the new overlord of the Krogan colonists who live on Elaaden.
  • Sarissa Theris: She is the pathfinder for the Asari Ark.
  • Avitus Rix: He is the pathfinder for the Turian Ark.
  • Raeka: She is the pathfinder for the Salarian Ark.
  • Primus: He is second in command to the Kett Archon.

There are others who you encounter which will change the course of the game for you but these are the folks with whom I interacted the most OR I felt had the greatest influence on the game.

Romance Options

What is a Mass Effect game without its romance options? Here are the RO’s for MEA…

  • Vetra: Available for Male OR Female Ryder.
  • Jaal: Available for Female Ryder.
  • PeeBee: Available for Male OR Female Ryder.
  • Cora: Available for Male Ryder.
  • Liam: Available for Female Ryder.
  • Gil: Available for Male Ryder.
  • Suvi: Available for Female Ryder.
  • Reyes Vidal: Available for Female Ryder.
  • Keri: Available for Male OR Female Ryder.

Of course I may have missed an option or two…let us know if you find more! WARNING: THESE ARE NSFW AND NC-17/R (depending on your outlook in life).

Other Characters

Your team, the Kett, RO’s and Influential characters aside…there ARE others you can interact with. Here is where you can find them…EVERYWHERE. They are on: the Hyperion, Nexus, Aya, Voeld, Elaaden, Havarl, Kadara…they are all places. Just look for a little surprise symbol on your map or listen for someone saying “Hey Ryder!”. I particularly enjoy conversing with the Bartender and his Asari counter part in Vortex on the Nexus.

That sums up the characters of MEA! Be on the look out later this week for the game experience and fan girl on!

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